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Seeker is an American science-based channel that features on various new inventions and it was formally owned by Discovery and called DNews. However, the viewership of the videos have decreased since the DNews days. Some of the host of Seeker/DNews or formally host include Trace Dominguez, Lacigreen, etc.

Some of the videos that are more popular are related to sexual in nature or similar to top ten list which all used the Dnews brand name at the time. There are custom thumbnails and some videos have closed captions, and there are guest speakers and some opinions along with facts.

Some videos are not longer accurate such as Steven Hawking living so long for ALS. The channel name changed on March 2, 2017.[1]. The last video using the DNews branding was about testing the DNA of the host, and the web archive can see the transition.[2]


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