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Senzawa has more than One Million Subscribers
Senzawa is an Animator
Senzawa is a Musician
Senzawa is from the United States
Senzawa is female
Senzawa created their account in 2016
Senzawa is a Content Creator on YouTube

One moose, Many moosesus


Senzawa is an American animator and music creator who wrote parodies of pop culture and anime music as well as some satire originals.


She gained popularity after her video "I turned a bad copypasta into a bad rap" (also known as "Rawr x3 / You So Warm). She garnered over 900k subscribers before going inactive, and although her channel has ceased its activities, she still continues to gain new subscribers.


On June 17, 2020, Belle Delphine uploaded a video titled "I'M BACK -belle delphine " where she announced her return to YouTube with an unexpected song. Senzawa rapped the chorus and most of the verses while Delphine sang the last verse.


Senzawa's last video was uploaded on December 14, 2019. The video, titled Oki Doki Boomer, is a satire original song based around the catchphrase/meme "Ok Boomer". Senzawa continued to stream on her Twitch for a couple months however she has since wiped all of her VOD's from the site, and is inactive on Twitter however the account still likes one famous tweet per month, but stopped as of December 30, 2020.


  • "eating soap"
  • "okay i know this is a really bad idea but... i'm already here, so, here we fucken go..."

Subscriber milestones

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  • 1 million subscribers: October 25, 2020


  • Her main excuse for why she makes weird videos is because she's "tired".
  • Her profile picture and 3D model are both based off of Kuina Natsukawa from Hinako Note.
  • Though she has not revealed which American state she lives in, she has stated that she is in the East Coast.
  • She is currently working as a Hololive VTuber under the name Gawr Gura.