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Bogdan Lalović (born May 9, 1990 (1990-05-09) [age 30]), better known online as SerbianGamesBL, is a Serbian gaming YouTuber who currently resides in Čačak, Serbia.


Bogdan created his channel on 25 of October 2012 and already uploaded his first video on October 26, 2012. His first video is "PES 13 Master Liga Juventus - Cluj ep.1 [Srpski Gameplay]"

His first series was PES 13, a game that he still makes videos of. After making only PES 13 videos, He started playing Minecraft. When he started playing it he became a lot more popular than when he used to be playing PES 13. He also played Counter-Strike and Happy Wheels. After some time, he stopped swearing in his videos and he started talking in a higher-pitched voice to appeal to younger audiences.

His first face cam video was "Kako napraviti zamku za zombija u Minecraftu?" It was posted on 21 April 2014.

In 2014 He was invited to a meeting with other popular Serbian YouTubers known as Mudja, Cile ST, and Full Burazeri. Full Burazeri and SerbianGamesBL are very good, long time friends.

SerbianGamesBL was the fastest-growing channel in Serbia. Nowadays he has around a million subscribers, which makes him one of the most popular channels in the Balkans.


Life Hacks & Experiments

In 2016, Serbian re-branded his 2nd channel from SerbianGamesBL2 to Life Hacks & Experiments, the channel's content also changed to DIY videos, then changed again to "experiments", which involved running over random objects with a car, or crushing them with a hydraulic press, a lot of Serbian's fans hated on the channel, and accused him of selling out, the channel also got hate from foreigners due to the waste of food and other such objects. Despite that, the channel still gets subscribers, and is currently the biggest channel on Balkan.

Using pre-recorded Fortnite Gameplay

In January of 2019, Serbian made a few gameplay videos of the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite , however, a YouTuber called Vujke came out, exposing Serbian for using pre-recorded gameplay, some of the proof that he gathered was:

  • The account's country was set to Croatia instead of Serbia.
  • The YouTube and Twitch linked to the account led to a channel called ResMan (since renamed to R3sM4n).
  • Serbian's reaction being slightly delayed.

The controversy then ended up on Tubesday Tuesday (now re-branded to LENI I DEX), afterwards, Serbian took down the videos.

Other Channels


  • Bogdan has a second YouTube channel called: SerbianGamesBL2. On SerbianGamesBL2 he makes vlogging videos and Omegle videos with his fans. In 2016, the channel was re branded as Life Hacks & Experiments. Godzilla 

  • Bogdan also as a channel called: Godzilla. It has 250.000 Subscribers. As he says on that profile, fans from all over the world are following him.


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