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Jean Sernandoe (born: September 9, 1996 (1996-09-09) [age 27]), better known online as Sernando (formerly Sernandoe) is an American gaming and comedic YouTuber who currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida. His favorite artist is NBHD Nick, who he listens nonstop. According to an August stream, Sernando states "Top Speed" by NBHD Nick is his all-time favorite song.


Numerous cases incorporate his blessing cards and giveaways. The root cause of these explanations was to offer assistance. GreatnessTV made expose videos on Sernando which he later striked and after all the backlash, he admitted he was a clickbater.

In late October of 2017, Sernando had gotten to be inert, as it were to return back to click teasing numerous of his recordings in November.


Sernando had his channel terminated back in May of 2015. His channel returned a month afterwards in June of 2015. At that time, he had around 400,000 subscribers. On January 9, 2018, Sernando had his channel terminated once more. He had around 2,700,000 subscribers at the time.


Sernando is believed to be good friends with NBHD Nick. He often uses Nick's music in his videos, stating that "Top Speed" is by far his all-time favorite song. Sernando actually met NBHD Nick in a GTA 5 lobby, while trying to sell Nick a copy of GTA 6 from former Rockstar Games employee, Anthony. Since they met, the two have become best friends, as shown in the photo above.

Subscriber Milestones[]

  • 1 million subscribers: September 18, 2016
  • 2 million subscribers: March 24, 2017
  • 3 million subscribers: October 23, 2018
  • 4 million subscribers: May 6, 2019
  • 5 million subscribers: October 27, 2019
  • 6 million subscribers: May 29, 2020

Video View Milestones[]

  • 100 million views: September 6, 2016
  • 200 million views: December 24, 2016
  • 300 million views: April 4, 2017
  • 400 million views: July 31, 2017
  • 500 million views: June 29, 2018
  • 600 million views: March 5, 2019
  • 700 million views: November 19, 2019