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I'm the bald guy. BRUH.


Seth Everman (born: October 19, 1993 (1993-10-19) [age 26]) is a Swedish musician and social media personality known for his YouTube videos in which he plays keyboard with different sound effects and humorous parodies while maintaining a deadpan expression. In addition to his popular videos, he is active on Twitter and Tumblr where he shares memes.


On November 7, 2015, Everman uploaded his first YouTube video, titled "How to make a Zelda necklace".

Seth is known now for making his short meme music parody videos but he used to make videos before he had the "SethEverman" youtube channel. From all the way back in 2006 and the beginning of youtube, he has gone viral on many occasions with the use of different accounts (many of thses accounts don't show his face), one of his first viral video was a video called "Nyan Cat 10 HOURS REACTION VIDEO! (yes, I actually watched it for 10 hours)" published December 6th, 2011 with over 1 million views and again when he uploaded "my old secret videos" (this time with more easter eggs).

The SethEverman Youtube channels first viral video was "When you’re a classical pianist but you listened to hip hop once," posted February 13th, 2016. Nearly all of his videos after that video have gained over 1 million views. His follow-up video in the series was posted June 4th, 2016. These videos were covered by WQXR.

He has later since gone viral from another one of his short parody music videos called "How to create billie eilish's bad guy" which has over 57 million views and has been shared all across the internet. From this billie eilish video, he commented on the orignal "bad guy" music video saying "I'm the bald guy", a simple joke that has garnered likes by his fans and fans of billie eilish, becoming Youtube's most liked comment with over 2.5 million likes. He even got a unique Youtube award for the most liked Youtube comment.

Additional popular videos posted by Everman a video of him covering Drake, and a video of him improvising video game music.


  • He has a cat named Fuling.
  • He is rarely shown smiling.
  • He's the bald guy.
  • He plays a lot of retro games.
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