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Setosorcerer (also known as Seto), is an American Fortnite gaming YouTuber. He was predominantly known for playing Minecraft but decided to shift in content to Fortnite on his main channel, where he uploads tutorials on how to complete recent challenges and locations[1][2]. He now uploads Minecraft content on his second channel IronmanBTW with plans to upload Hytale content when it comes out.


Seto's channel was created on April 11, 2009. His first video is titled "Ultimate Waterfiends Guide Chaos Tunnels", however, he stated during his 10 year anniversary livestream[3] that most of his older videos are actually private. He continued to upload Runescape content until mid-2011 where he started to switch over to Minecraft content. He fully switched to Minecraft at the beginning of 2012 and continued to make Minecraft videos until his mysterious hiatus on June 1, 2014.

During his time on YouTube, he had an ongoing series for Minecraft titled "Mini-Mods" with Chylex, in which he took the suggestions from his fans, and used them to create small mods. He also made numerious guides explaining various tips and tricks in Minecraft, showcasing his large knowledge of the game. He also liked to play Minecraft minigames with his friends such as Deadlox, Kkcomics, Gizzy14Gazza, Podcrash, LittleshortySGS, and more. His most popular minigame series included, Cops and Robbers, Hide and Seek, Hunger Games, and Sonic Craft.

He has confirmed that he actively plays Runescape 3, Oldschool Runescape, Minecraft, Overwatch, and Fortnite, but he does play other games, just not much as the games listed. He currently plays Runescape on his Hardcore Ironman, where he was the first to achieve 99 and 120 herblore[4]. He also was the first to obtain the Final Boss Title, which required to kill all Runescape bosses 100 times without dying, making it the hardest achievement in-game.[5]

He is a 3500 Master Overwatch player who mainly plays tanks and damage heroes, rarely playing supports. He has stated that he only plays competitively at the end of the season to avoid decay and toxicity.

He currently streams games over on his Twitch channel.

Team Crafted

Setosorcerer is a former member of the Minecraft group known as Team Crafted. He was the fourth member to join. Team Crafted consisted of the core members Skydoesminecraft, Deadlox, MinecraftUniverse, HuskyMudkipz, Bajan Canadian, JeromeASF, Ssundee, and Kermitplaysminecraft. The group would do videos together for most of 2013.

On August 13, 2013, Bajan Canadian called a group meeting with all members of Team Crafted. The meeting was to discuss the removal of Seto from Team Crafted. Everyone voted to remove him except for Deadlox. The main reason for this was due to the group wanting to progress forward in their careers, and since Seto refused to show his face and attend real life events, it was decided that this would hold back the other member's goals involve attending events, shooting skits, and advertisers. After Mitch suggested to have Seto removed from Team Crafted, they all sat down in a Skype call, explaining the reasonings. This was confirmed in a tweet from Mitch which explained some of the matter.[6]

Shortly after, Seto fell into a depressive state, saying that he viewed Team Crafted as his first real group of friends he had. Seto stated in his response video that he had suffered from several depressive episodes after being kicked from the group, which he shortly deleted off of YouTube. It seems like he was on bad terms with all members except for Deadlox. A few months later Skydoesminecraft publicly tweeted an apology to Seto, after this it was confirmed that they made made up, and were on good terms.

Many years later, Seto apologized to the members of Team Crafted after returning back to YouTube on December 21, 2017.[7] It is currently unknown if all the members of Team Crafted accepted his apology.


On June 1, 2014, his channel went into a state of hiatus, with little evidence as to the reason why. His last video was a two hour stream titled Endeavor Mod Pack. No videos where posted after this video, even though in the description of his last video it said "New series starting soon". This made many worry if something bad happened to Seto. His last video currently has over 248,000 views, due to the fans wondering where he was over the past 3 years.

As of February 17, 2016, fellow YouTuber, GizzyGazza, stated that, "... He is okay and will return to YouTube when he is ready." Many years later, Seto offically returned on December 21, 2017, with a video titled "Why I Left YouTube"[8].

With update videos and streams, Seto explained what happened during his time off YouTube and why he left. He left because of several issues, mainly his mental health and stomach. He took refuge in the game Runescape, where he made his Hardcore Ironman account during October 2014. He claimed that for the first year he was just tying to cope and address his mental health. During his time on Runescape, he got 99 herblore and 120 herblore, as well as getting the completionist cape. Around 2016 he was mentally well enough to return back to YouTube, but the addictive nature of Runescape and having to explain why he left made it harder for him to return.

Around mid 2016, people found Seto guesting in a smaller channel Classic Psy, where he did portal 2, orcs must die, and draw my thing. This was the same person Seto did Minecraft videos[9] when he started in 2011. Many fans were relieved to find him ok after all these years. However, it wouldn't be until another year before Seto returned back to YouTube himself again.

Return To YouTube

With a three and a half year hiatus, Seto returned back to YouTube on December 21, 2017, with his video titled "Why I left YouTube"[10]. He stated in that video that rebuilding his channel would take a very long time since he hadn't recorded content in over three years, and didn't know how YouTube worked anymore. For the start of 2018 he would upload video clips of his Hardcore Ironman achievements that he got during his hiatus. He also uploaded his lost endeavor mod pack footage he filmed in June 2014, shortly before going on his hiatus.

For the rest of the year he started to upload again and streamed over on Twitch. He uploaded Minecraft videos, but was also uploading Overwatch, Draw my things, and Fortnite videos. However, near the ending of 2018 he stated he was going to swap over to Fortnite content only on his main channel.[11] He made a second channel to upload any future Minecraft content and later Hytale once it is released.

Currently, he uploads Fortnite videos, but his views are extremely low compared to when he did Minecraft in 2013. He hid his subscriber counter on his channel, but it is estimated to be around 500k+, though only getting less then 1k views per video.

He recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary of his YouTube channel, where he talked and showed his older videos and the history of his channel.


  • Seto streams Minecraft on Saturdays consistently on Twitch.
  • Seto is the first Hardcore Ironman to obtain the Final Boss title.
  • Seto recently started to draw art on his channel.
  • Seto mains Pharah,, and Sombra on Overwatch.
  • Seto also seems to love hamsters.
  • The name "Seto" comes from the Yugioh character "Seto Kaiba".
  • Seto is considered by his peers as a "pro good boi".


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