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Shannon Harris (born: August 12, 1992 (1992-08-12) [age 27]), better known online as Shaaanxo is a beauty YouTuber from New Zealand. Shannon is known for her make up and beauty tips tutorials online. Shaaanxo Vlogs is the personal channel for Shannon which includes challenges, cooking, 'tags', Q&As and updates on her life. Shannon is ranked number no.#1 webstar from New Zealand, leading New Zealand beauty and fashion.

Personal life

Shannon was born with red hair. When Shannon was really young her parents split but, decided they can still be 'friends'. Shannon is the only child in her family, which she was always alone since her cousins were older than her. Shannon grew up very shy and use to put on her mums' make-up when she goes. Later, Harris and her mother moved to Korea and she felt lonely. She moved back to New Zealand and by the time she was Form 3 (Year 9, Grade 8-9) she wore make up. Progressing through the year she found YouTube and watched makeup tutorials. When she wore the make up she learnt, she received compliments. She searched if there was any New Zealand make up YouTube tutorial'er and she found no New Zealander. Now, Shannon is not only the most popular make up known YouTuber in New Zealand, she is also the most subscribed person in New Zealand. Shannon lives with her two puppies, Zeus and Lewie and her boyfriend Hamish (MooshMooshVlogs).


Shaaanxo has several YouTuber friends. Her friends include Jamie Curry, Sally Jo, Kris Fox and obviously her boyfriend Hamish (MooshMooshVlogs). She recently did collabs with Sally and Kris, these videos are about 'Common tags' and taste tests.

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