ShallotHare is an Animator
ShallotHare plays video games
ShallotHare is from the United States
ShallotHare is male
ShallotHare created their account in 2016
ShallotHare is a Content Creator on YouTube

Brian Hazen (age: 19), better known online as ShallotHare (formerly Legoboynj), is an animator on YouTube mostly known for his object show, Object Terror.


Brian started on Youtube in 2014 as Legoboynj Animations where it is known he uploaded the original Object Terror episodes. In an unknown year, his channel got hacked by an unknown user. After that in early 2016 he created a new channel called Legoboynj where he first began uploading Object Terror's first reboot episodes, but a few years later he unlisted them. Brian then began uploading other videos. In 2018 after the last episode of Object Terror ,, Kiloto the Minoto'' was released, he promised to make a final episode (which would be in 3d). In 2019, he changed his name to ShallotHare which is to this day. In 2021 he began making animations that feature the Total Drama Host Chris Mclean.


Being Racist on TikTok

During around June or July 2019 he did a TikTok calling a person a "black a** n****". This made lots of people angry at him and became a controversial topic in the Object Show Community. Despite still working on his object show, he is no longer considered a part of the OSC anymore due to this.


Brian is mostly known for Object Terror. Due to its gore and blood, the channel is only meant for adults. Shallot also makes three other shows:

  • The Tale of El Nudelo
  • Painquin
  • The Average Brothers
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