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Shannon Skinner, also known as Shannonuncut, is an 18-year-old Australian YouTuber from Perth, Western Australia. Her YouTube career began as a music video maker on her old YouTube account, shaza2405. In January 2012 she restarted as shannonuncut and quickly grew more viewers after Briony (teenageCrime3) gave her a shoutout so she could regain her viewers. 

Shannon is best friends with HeyImNatalia another Australian YouTuber. Both of them are vloggers.


Shannon's passion for making videos started after seeing a singing video made by a girl singing a Justin Bieber song. After discovering iMovie and been taught with help from the girl, she began been inspired to make YouTube videos. In 2010, she did a video with her younger sister singing "Baby" by Justin Bieber. After that Shannon started making music videos on her account for nearly two years. After her account was hacked, she stopped making music videos and went on to vlogging on her new YouTube account.

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