Shark Puppet has more than One Million Subscribers
Shark Puppet is a Vlogger
Shark Puppet is a Musician
Shark Puppet is from the United States
Shark Puppet is male
Shark Puppet created their account in 2018
Shark Puppet is a Content Creator on YouTube

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―Shark Puppet's catchphrase

Shark Puppet is an American comedian, Instagram star, TikTok star, and YouTuber who makes videos of his "daily life". He also makes vlogs, besides making short videos that mostly came from his Instagram.


Shark Puppet's "Face Reveal" and Logan Paul

On September 9, 2019, Shark Puppet made a face reveal,[1] which featured Logan Paul. Even though it was a joke, his fans weren't fooled, expressing doubt, upset that Logan may be the perpetrator behind the puppet, with many taking to Twitter to express their concerns about their favorite meme.

While Logan has yet to speak out about the possible troll via social media, Shark Puppet and Logan Paul are in good terms, as Shark Puppet is showed cheering (and "training") Logan Paul while Logan is exercising in a video.[2]


  • "Cheese!"
  • "YEAH!!!" - catchphrase.
  • "NO!"


  • Shark Puppet has been featured on one of superbowserlogan (formerly known as SuperMarioLogan)'s video as a one-time character, as Jeffy's deceased pet.[3]
  • Shark Puppet once shouted out MrBeast in one of his video's description.[4]
  • Shark Puppet has been featured in CrazyMarioBros videos including livestreams, the collaboration with CMB, and the 100k subscriber special as known to be the three years special. [5] [6]
  • Shark Puppet appeared as One of the Submissions in The My Singing Monsters Fire Frontire Play Your Part Video, He portrayed The Fire Elemental Phangler. 
  • Shark Puppet even has a gaming channel, which is called "Shark Puppet Gaming", there was only one video, which is a gameplay of Fall Guys.


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