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Sharky plays video games
Sharky is a Vlogger
Sharky is from the Netherlands
Sharky is from England
Sharky is male
Sharky created their account in 2015
Sharky is a Content Creator on YouTube

Beta Squad
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Sharmarke Mohamud (born: December 31, 1995 (1995-12-31) [age 26]), better known online as Sharky (also known as Sharkmarke and Afc Sharky), is a Dutch-born British YouTube gamer, entertainer, and social media personality. He is a member of the the group Beta Squad.


Sharky was born in Utrecht, Netherlands in 1995 to a Somali family. He is a first born child alongside six siblings. Including a brother called Shuceeb. He is an Arsenal fan. He has been on Sky Sports talking about Arsenal after matches.

YouTube Career

Sharmarke set up his YouTube channel under the username ‘afcSharky’ on August 17, 2015 and began posting videos a couple of weeks later. He deleted the first three letters to rename the channel ‘Sharky.’ He has gained massive popularity for his soccer-related vlog entries and FIFA gameplay videos which he shares on his YouTube channel. He also posts challenge videos and pranks. He uploaded his first video on August 31, 2015. Titled "Forfeit FIFA #1 - Chilli FIFA vs Haseeb!", where Sharky is playing FIFA with a friend named Haseeb.  His first non-FIFA video was ‘The Worlds Worst Haircut?!!!’, posted on November 16, 2015. In time, he expanded the content of his videos and started making vlogs, challenges and pranks videos. Some of his frequent collaborators are Niko Omilana, Aj Shabeel, and Chunkz.  

Some of the most popular videos on his channel are ‘DIMITRI PAYET FREE KICK CHALLENGE!!’, ‘I Gave £100 To People If They Said This Word’, ‘I Told My Little Sister She Was Invisible & She Believed It.. *PRANK!*’, ‘I Said Yes To EVERYTHING My Best Friend Said For 24 Hours’, and ‘FIFA 17 - Mastering The New Free Kicks!!’