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Shayy is a YouTube channel created by MattShea. Due to a "dying channel" swarming with kids looking for Battle Cats, MattShea decided to create a new channel to make content he enjoyed to make and do. This channel blew up in popularity.

The Make Me Suffer series is an icon of this channel along with the Cursed Ads series. "Eyebrow Boi" is also the creator of the Make Me Suffer subreddit which is very successful and growing in popularity every day. The videos feature him on a facecam, reacting to the advertisements and commercials in the Make Me Suffer. So far, it has had only two series- Cursed Ads and Make Me Suffer.

The MakeMeSuffer series has its own subreddit where his viewers can post their memes and content filled with what he calls cringe, and these are what he plans to react to, in his next videos.

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