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Hello there, My name is Shima...

―Shima Luan's Intro

Shima Luan was an American YouTuber who worked for Planet Dolan, an Australian YouTube channel notable for making countdown lists.

Super Planet Dolan

Super Planet Dolan is the animation channel of Planet Dolan. Shima was the most active character on the channel. In common Super Planet Dolan videos, Shima pointed out true facts while Dolan pointed out false facts in Q&A. They did this to make education fun.


Later in 2016, Danger Dolan's channel, the channel where Shima had gained fame from, announced in 'The Future Of Planet Dolan?' that Shima had become distant from them, not receiving any contact from her.

The crew suspected that she was okay, the last time of their contact Shima was indeed safe. No information was given since then, leaving fans to come up with various theories as to her whereabouts. People started to believe that the crew was trying to cover up her disappearance, while others thought she had left due to other problems.

Clearing Up

On February 12, 2020, the Youtuber ScareTheater made a video analyzing Shima's disappearance. In the comments, Hellbent (a member of the Dolan crew) stated: "It's sort of an unsolvable mystery to those who don't know her. Because to solve it in a satisfying way publicly, we'd have to invade the actress who played Shima's personal life on a public level. No one who walks away from a job in entertainment wants to be dragged out in public and shown around. That would be ghoulish."

He continued with: "In respect to the privacy of others. All I can say is that this is one of the better videos on the topic. Everyone else fell into trappings of teasing ideas of conspiracy and horror. Truth is we always had trouble getting folks to separate the cartoons from the actors." This confirms that Shima is indeed safe, but that the reason for her disappearance will remain private.

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