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Pierce Shipp, better known as Shippiddge (sometimes called "Shippleton") is a YouTuber user known for his animated series "Starter Squad" and his machinima series "Smashtasm". He also does various animated and machinima shorts. Currently, Choose A Starter - Starter Squad (Ep.1) is his most popular video with over 5,000,000 views. Shippiddge in December 2008 reached 1 million page views. The other user who reached this mark in the same month was WalrusGuy. He currently has over 25 million video views.

Start in Machinimation

In his birthday video that he made for ShadowFox014, (known as the voice actor of 1337F0X in Smashtasm) that he helped Shippiddge learn how to make a machinima, and find necessary tools to use to make them. It is unknown when this occurred, but it might have happened around the time Covenant Underground and the Crossfire Crew were established.



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  • The Life Of Shy Guy Episode 24
  • Silver Crisis: Episode 2
  • Mr. Blue Sky by BBsman22