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Christopher “Chris” Schewe (born in 1969 [Age 49-50]) known online as Shoenice, was a YouTube vlogger that is best-known for his eating challenges and “liquor slams”.

The Start

Chris Schewe's son started a YouTube channel in 2008 for his dad. At that time, Schewe did not know what YouTube was, so he did normal videos, but when some friends saw him on YouTube, they told him to upload stunts similar to what he did in high school. He uploaded a video of him eating paper on Facebook and later to YouTube.


On 2012, already having a fair amount of subscribers, got a channel boost when he was featured in several shows such as World's Dumbest and Tosh.0, making him very successful in that year and into the next year.


  • "3, 2, 1, Shoenice"
  • "Well, basically"
  • "Bye, bye"
  • "Hello everyone, Shoenice again"
  • "But either way"
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