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Vertix Online is the official YouTube channel for an online MMO shooter game called Vertix. The shooter game has different types of classes to join, along with different weapons with some classes having primary and secondary weapons, and others only having primary weapons, as well as the different classes having different abilities like Run 'N Gun, where the user who decides to join this class has very limited ammo, rapid shooting speed and rapid running speed. Vertix Online doesn't have any videos uploaded by the user but tutorial and gameplay videos by other sponsored YouTubers like the Mars Clan. There is also a large variety of weapon designs called "camos" with a few uncommon designs highlighted in green words and rare camos, highlighted in blue. Vertix Online has over 500 subscribers.

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Vertix Classes

  • Triggerman
  • Detective
  • Hunter
  • Run 'N Gun
  • Vince
  • Rocketeer
  • Spray N' Pray
  • Arsonist

About the Classes

  • Triggerman - The Triggerman has the regular running speed and health as most classes. His primary weapon is the Machine Gun, which has a fast shooting rate and 24 bullets for ammunition. His secondary weapon is the Grenade Launcher, which has 1 grenade to shoot that explodes upon contact, but has a very slow reloading speed.
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