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Frederik Leppin, known by his YouTube channel name Sirius is a German Gaming YouTuber. He is the founder of a clan ƬψƬ.

Personal Life

Leppin is from Germany. He is also a photographer, and his nickname is Freddy.


Sirius started his YouTube channel on Feb 23, 2014, but he started uploading videos in 1 August 2015. Sirius started uploading gameplays. His channel is very fastly growing. He also had problems with another YouTuber Hero. As Hero says, Sirius attacked him on Twitter and that they attacked his family and friends and that they wanted to terminate Hero from YouTube. Sirius now has over 600K*+ subscribers and his channel is growing even more. He is now one of the biggest Agario Youtuber out there. Since Agario is dying, Sirius became inactive and wants to focus on uploading new content on his channel.

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