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Good Day! L.A. Beast Here. And today, in this video, I'm going to cum. Why? because I wanna jack off.


Kevin Strahle (born: January 6, 1984 (1984-01-06) [age 35]), better known online as skippy62able or L.A. Beast, is a professional competitive eater who was born and currently lives in New Jersey but lived in Los Angeles, California for a few years and hosts a challenge-based channel on YouTube. He is well known for his extreme endurance in lengthy, painful, and otherwise seemingly incompletable challenges.


Kevin made his first video on YouTube on the 7th August 2010 called FatBurger XXXXL XXXTENTACION King Challenge. At the start of his YouTube account he mostly vlogged or made challenges. He's mostly known for Enjoying A 20 Year Old CRYSTAL PEPSI®. (Made: 13 February 2013). The Video is about Kevin trying to drink an 20 year old pepsi. He did it but at the end he vomited. The video has over 10 milion views.

LA Beast frequently vomits after every challenge he completes, and although he vomits almost every video, he still leads a very large following.

LA Beast has a long-running feud with fellow Youtuber Chris "Shoenice" Schewe as well as "BumGlum".

He has led a campaign to Pepsi to bring back the 90's soft drink, Crystal PepsI for many years. Recently, he was successful in this and Pepsi brought out a limited edition Crystal Pepsi in the United States


  • "L.A. Beast here!"
  • "Have a good day!"
  • "I need to go to the hospital!"
  • "Oh, marone!"
  • "Dis got the act!"
  • "This is a true test of mind over matter!"
  • "I don't feel well"
  • "Bon Appetito!"
  • That's the worst idea I've ever done in my life!"
  • "Why? Why do I do these things?"
  • "I 100% completely f**ked it up!
  • "I just broke my toe."
  • "Oh, you can see the bone."
  • "Don't tase me, bro, DON'T TASE ME, BRO!"
  • "I'm never eating _______ again."
  • "Crystal Pepsi....tastes like no other."
  • "Mind over Matter"
  • "Why? Because I freaking can!"
  • "And remember kids, only you can prevent forest fires"

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