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Michael Kucharski (born: April 10, 2000 (2000-04-10) [age 19]), better known online as Slazo, is an Australian YouTuber who got popular from his commentary videos consisting of jokingly criticizing Instagram pages, other YouTubers and, in the past, readings of popular subreddits.


Slazo joined YouTube at April 1, 2013, and uploaded his first montage parodies video on December 18, 2014, titled Harry Potter and the MLG Stoner (MLG Harry Potter) until he uploaded his last montage parodies, titled MLG Elf and uploaded Keemstar Anime Opening on May 10, 2016. 11 days later, he uploaded his first commentary video about RiceGum, titled RICEGUM HAS TO BE STOPPED. After that, he only produced commentary videos.

Sexual Abuse Allegations

In June of 2019, Slazo's ex-girlfriend published a series of tweets and screenshots in which she accused Slazo of being controlling, manipulative, sexually abusive and of having raped her. Slazo, having taken a month off to see professional help for his own mental health reasons, published a video providing proof that his ex and now accuser had edited screenshots of their DMs, had taken additional DMs out of context, and that she had lied about several of her own statements such as her having no prior partner before Slazo. Slazo also provided the missing context to the DM screenshots his accuser was using which, although demonstrated Slazo had both a lack of social skills and an edgy humour on dark topics, showed that much of what his accuser had provided as proof of his sexual assault and other claims was actually a consensual and willing conversation between two parts of a relationship. Further evidence to the falseness of the accusations came in the form of leaked DMs from Slazo's ex and accuser, showing her to have conspired the accusations several weeks at least before they had come out, and even showed her acknowledging that the accusations were fake.

Aftermath of Sexual Abuse Allegations

When the accusations first came out, many other Youtubers such as ImAllexx and Soothouse Wilbur took steps to separate themselves from Slazo over Twitter. In the wake of the accusations being proved fake, very few Youtubers apologised in part, in full, or even acknowledged that the accusations were fake. Some Youtubers, like Imallexx, have instead doubled down and continue to reject the idea that the accusations were fake, using admissions from Slazo in regards to being a bad partner as proof enough the accusations are true. Further leaked DMs published by separate a Youtuber, BlackWolfCompany, indicate that some Youtubers are actively conspiring with the accuser to ensure Slazo's standing within the Commentary community is seriously damaged. The motive to this is currently unknown.

Slazo himself has stated that he is currently taking a break from Youtube in order to tend to his own mental health. He has stated that he is currently seeing a professional. He is currently largely inactive on Social Media, including his Twittter, having posted one Instagram post since the accusations dropped. It is currently unknown when he plans to return, or even if he ever will return.


  • He collabs with other YouTubers, such as PewDiePie.
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