Slimecicle has more than One Million Subscribers
Slimecicle plays video games
Slimecicle is a Commentator
Slimecicle creates skits and sketch videos
Slimecicle is from the United States
Slimecicle is male
Slimecicle created their account in 2011
Slimecicle is a Content Creator on YouTube

So, yeah, I'm a gamer.


Charles "Charlie" Dalgleish (born: August 12, 1998 (1998-08-12) [age 23]), better known online as Slimecicle, is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He is known for playing various games, but is highly known for playing Minecraft by himself, or with other well known YouTubers/streamers.

Charlie was a member of the YouTube collective Lunch Club along with CallMeCarson, Traves, Hugbox, Cscoop, Ted Nivison and Jschlatt. He left the group in the summer of 2020, and the group disbanded in fall 2020. He has recently interacted a lot with the Minecraft YouTuber Community and now often plays Minecraft with creators Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit, and Ph1LzA.


Though Charlie’s channel was made in 2011, his first video wasn’t uploaded until 2014. During 2014, Charlie made let’s play videos of games such as InFAMOUS, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

On January 26, 2015, Charlie uploaded his first stream highlights from Twitch of him playing Tabletop Simulator with some of his friends at that time. He also uploaded Overwatch content starting from May 12, 2016, going all the way back to the game’s open beta.

In 2016, Charlie’s channel suddenly blew up when he uploaded “Inside the Mind of a Mei Player” which currently has around a million views. After this, he started uploading more “Inside the Mind of...” videos with other heroes from Overwatch. These videos were also successful racking up to a million views and even up to two million views. Even his "This Is..." series, with videos such as “This is Cuphead” and “This is Super Mario Odyssey”, were massive successes.

On June 19, 2018, Charlie became a founding member of the podcast, "Just Roll With It", one of the most well-known DnD podcast on YouTube, with over 900,000 views and over 10k followers on Twitch.

As of recently, he has started making Minecraft mod videos with Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit, and Ph1LzA on TommyInnit’s channel. On his own channel, he still uploads a variety of content and on his second channel, he uploads regularly with Minecraft SMP content and other games.

Personal Life

Charlie Dalgleish was born on August 12, 1998 in Virginia,[2] alongside with his brother. There, Charlie attended Flint High School, a Virginian high school. He also currently has a girlfriend by the name of Vermonter writer Grace Safford that he features occasionally in his videos. From 2016 to 2020, he attended Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, where he majored in broadcast media production.[3] He and his girlfriend have two guinea pigs Mochi and Fern.[4]


Charlie has two notable series' that are related to video games. These are the Inside the Mind of... series and the This is... series. Episodes from each series are listed below.

Inside the Mind of...

The Inside the Mind of... series is a series where Charlie tries to show what happens inside the mind of a player that plays a certain character. Charlie mainly focused on Overwatch characters in this series at first, but moved onto characters from other games.

This Is...

The This Is... series is a series where Charlie reviews a variety of games.

...I Guess

The ...I Guess series is a seemingly abandoned series that was also about video games.


  • I am the Picasso of infrastructure—AHHHH!
  • In a Kermit the frog voice: "I’m gonna kermit a crime."
  • What’s up, mother shuckers, my name is Colonel Cornelius Cornwall and I’m here today to introduce you to corn.
  • Come into my vent, I'm the vent goblin!
  • Next person to mention Wheat Thins I'm throwing out of this fucking ship.
  • So yeah, I'm a gamer.
  • It appears I have misjudged my place in the circle.
  • My star sign is gamer.
  • No.. I'm not fine.. I'm baby!
  • Let's do it, or as they say in Italian, pizza.
  • Hive got a plan.
  • Nice arms and nicer staff.
  • There's too much supply, too much demand, and too many fu**ing bees.
  • Come down today, and try some corn, or we will sacrifice your newborn.
  • I'm going on hunger strike, against God!
  • I’ve been dying for the last 6 hours like an absolute fool, but I just made my first fu**ing tool!
  • Oh god I still have fu**ing mining fatigue on. *some gibberish noises*
  • I’m declaring war on a Rock (sounds like War on Iraq)
  • I dropped the rock, but the roc won’t drop me
  • I’m Mr. Green and I eat babies, I also have Lots of rabies! Oh, you like my song? Well guess what fu**er my baby is a bomb
  • A-P-P-L-E-B-E-E‘-S Space B-A-R Anothe- Another Space A-N-D Here we go with another G-R-I-L-L OH theres another one! M-E-N-U
  • I’m banning black lung.
  • Hey what season is it now? Fall. *fallen kingdom kazoo edition*
  • Oh no there’s two more where boned!
  • Oh, Skeletons, fu** you skeletons. In this game you have body part health now, so you can break your little frail gamer arms and you can stub your little frail little gamer toes. But if a skeleton shoots you, oh baby, that's always the head, and you fu**ing die. Instantly.
  • Ha! Me- Me- Ahhh Bee
  • That’s One, That’s two no that’s horse
  • I’m mining for Ores, why do I hear hores-ses?
  • I'm C*cked and loaded.
  • No more Molympus, now it's time to Golympus.
  • Watch out for the horses... no wait those are ducks.
  • My leg is broken. But my spirit is not- *gets shot*
  • Guys I’m not even the traitor. AAAAAAHHHHH
  • AHHHHHHHHH. What? It’s just a big shit. *furious grunting*
  • Who wants to mine it? Eerald.
  • gIgA pUdDiNg GiGa PuDdInG
  • Oh so you like Moira? Well you aren’t gonna be playing her any Moira.
  • When Taco Bell.
  • Put dirt, dirt put out fire, dirt- DIRT NO WROK ON-


  • His girlfriend, Grace Safford, is an author.
  • He has been on five popular SMPs, SMPlive, SMPearth, EpicSMP, DreamSMP, and OriginSMP.
  • He has a love for vegetables, as he is seen eating vegetables in every single Chuckle Sandwich Podcast episode besides the first.
  • He shares a birthday with Dream.