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Robert Burgin, better known online as smashthings1, is an Australian YouTuber who posts destruction videos. He currently holds the record for the largest smashing series on YouTube, and on the Internet, with over 1,100 episodes produced. Robert also uploads other kinds of videos, such as abandoned house explorations, and occasionally YouTube Poops.


Robert has not been open about his personal life, so not much is known about him, other than a few details. He lives in an unknown location somewhere in Australia. The history behind the channel in his own words: "I've been on YouTube since 2007 and originally uploaded skating videos onto my old channel I made in March, 2008. I made this account in June, 2009, inspired mainly by destructionfun1/smashstuff30 who I started watching in January, 2009. Since then, I've made over 900 destruction videos and currently have the largest smashing series available online." It is assumed that Robert finds all of the items he smashes in abandoned houses and on the street curb/in the trash, although he never has specified exactly.

Future of The Channel

On August 12, 2018, Robert uploaded a video asking what his fans wanted to see posted on the channel. In the video, Robert expressed his disappointment over that fact that his smashing videos frequently fail to gain over 1,000 views per video, and that the new videos that are being uploaded receive the same amount of views that videos posted over 9 years ago have gained. The video stated that most viewers who do watch his videos do not watch longer than a minute of each, so Robert is trying to make them as short as he can. Robert felt that he was wasting his time making videos that "nobody watches". He brought up the fact that he, for some reason, is not well known in the smashing community and does not receive the amount of recognition and views that other smashing channels get, even though he uploads more frequently and makes 4K 60p content. "After nine years, no other destruction channel knows who I am." He preceded to ask what his fans wanted to see uploaded on the channel, and what they were subscribed for. The fans answered, most asking for Robert to advertise and do more jokes while smashing things, some asking for him to diversify the types of content he uploads, such as covering hobbies or other subjects. Some also suggested to try different ways of smashing things, not just with a golf club every time, and to possibly do a tour of his shed where all the smashing takes place.

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