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Blessings and welcome friends, I'm father Daniel and...

―smdani's Intro

Daniel Pajuelo Vázquez , (born: July 6, 1977 (1977-07-06) [age 42]), better known online as smdani, is a Catholic priest who belongs to the Marianist congregation. The mission of his YouTube hannel is to build bridges between people with different beliefs, ideologies and ways of seeing the world. He studied computer engineering and theology. He currently works in a school in Madrid as a teacher and campus ministry coordinator.


smdani. follows the philosophy that Pope Francis calls "Culture of Encounter". This philosophy sees in diversity a necessary wealth and not a threat. The "truth" is a polyhedron with many faces, so it can be seen from different perspectives and all, although different, are true and enrich the overall vision. This is why it is so necessary to meet, dialogue and welcome each one from their own identity, without asking them to renounce it.

This hopeful vision of the world is also based on the belief that a sincere search for truth, and concern for the most excluded, will lead us to build a fairer and more fraternal world.

In this video: What does a priest do on YouTube? , smdani explained what it made him to become a YouTuber and what is his philosophy.

Type of content

In his channel you can find mettings with other YouTubers, jokes, raps, vlogs, teachings of the Christian faith, live streamings and video reactions, among others.

Highlighted meetings

Since the beginning of his channel, smdani has tried to live real meetings with YouTubers very different from him. It is a remarkable fact the friendship he has developed with Tiparraco , with whom he has made multiple videos, or the meetings with Ramia and Hajar Brown , whom are Muslim influencers, or with JPelirrojo , a very well known atheist YouTuber.

Other channels

smdani has another two channels:

  • Zona Educativa Minecraft: linked to all the educative experiences he has developed with Minecraft.
  • smdani media: where he uploads interviews, conferences, and some media interventions.
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