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SocialBlade is an American website created by Jason Urgo, better known online as Urgo6667. SocialBlade's websites main use is tracking YouTubers stats, alongside Twitch, Instagram, Twitter and Mixer. The website also consists of other things such as: IRC Chatroom (to chat with SocialBlade staff and YouTubers), Forums and Blog. SocialBlade also has a YouTube channel and a gaming channel which goes by the name of SocialBladeGaming. The general public can apply for a partnership through the Social Blade website. However, the contract is actually held and processed by Maker Studios and RPMNetworks.


SocialBladeGaming is mainly gaming as in the name. Urgo and tcolekid13 (SocialBlade's Outreach Manager whose real name is Timothy Cole) runs a live stream every Saturday usually around 6PM EST- 8PM EST. The main series on SocialBladeGaming is Subscriber Wednesday. This is when smaller YouTubers upload a video introducing themselves and their channel to Tim usually uploads the video to SocialBladeGaming. The second most popular series on SocialBladeGaming is SocialCraft. SocialCraft is a Minecraft server run by SocialBlade. The IP is


Jason Urgo created SocialBlade first tracking Digg stats. Digg started dying out and YouTube was starting to get bigger in 2010. This is when Urgo decided to track YouTube stats on SocialBlade instead of Digg stats. It was possible to track Digg stats at, but the service was eventually discontinued sometime between 2016-2017[1]. Around 2012, Urgo decided to quit his day job as a developer and do SocialBlade full time. In 2013, SocialBlade had a big following on it and many people knew of it.


SocialBlade's Partner Network is offered through BBTV and allows partners extended access to SocialBlade's site and all the benefits of being networked with BroadbandTV. Socialblade also has a unique ritual with their partners as sometimes they may interview select partners and post the interview on their YouTube channel, called the SocialBlade Partner Spotlight. It was on-and-off but was revived in June 2016.

SocialBlade's new layout[]

Because of the 2019 subscriber abbreviation update, SocialBlade changed their statistic layout for YouTube channels on September 9, 2019 to support the abbreviation of subscriber counts. The new detailed statistics feature now shows how much a channel got each week over the past 3 years, but not daily as it used to be. The new statistic shows an abbreviation of how much a channel has gained the following day, rather than the whole number unless if the channel has gained/lost less than 1,000 subscribers on that day to support the abbreviation. However, the total number remains un-abbreviated. The video view statistics has made no change, other than it's detailed statistics only shows much a channel has gained in a week. The daily detailed statistics, however, is still available via SocialBlade Premium.