Social Repose has more than One Million Subscribers
Social Repose is a Musician
Social Repose is a Vlogger
Social Repose is from the United States
Social Repose is male
Social Repose created their account in 2011
Social Repose is a Content Creator on YouTube

Richard Mclean "Richie" Giese (born: February 9, 1990 (1990-02-09) [age 31]) is an American electronic dance-pop artist who founded the musical project Social Repose. He is also a vlogger. So far, he has released an album titled "Yalta", which has featured one of his most famous singles, "Island of Yours." He has also released an EP called Empress which featured a trilogy of music videos including "Villain", "Empress", and "Filthy Pride" and recently another album titled "Calamity". Most of the music he releases are covers.


He has received tons of criticism for cheating on JaclynGlenn[1] and how he responded to the situation[2], particularly on how Jaclyn was allegedly "warned"[3] and how he focused less on apologizing to Jaclyn but more on how the situation is public and will affect his channel and upcoming content, which is supported by him "watching his channel die."[4]


He was born in Cabin John, Maryland. He founded Social Repose in 2011, in Washington D.C. He studied film and media arts at American University. He's posted covers, acapellas, vlogs, reactions, & music videos to YouTube. He dresses in a custom headdress and puts black acrylic paint on his neck for his videos & tour.