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Jak Sketch, better known online as Social Sketch, started making videos on July 14, 2013 of him and a group of pranksters and recent film graduates. The have uploaded a new video every Monday pertaining to public pranks and social experiments.

The members of the team are all in their early 20's to early 30's, however they have not yet released their information for legal purposes, so Jak Sketch is the only identifiable member of their team.


Electric Shock Prank

Pikachu Drinking With Japanese People

Telling Security Guards to Sit Down

Helping Philippine Refugees

Midget Beatdown Prank - Part 2

Midget Beatdown Prank

Does this Smell like Chloroform? PRANK

Blind Social Experiment - Deadly Traffic

Citizen's Arrest Prank!

Selling X in the Hood! PRANK

Poop Prank: Mission Possible

Poop Prank - Kicked out by mall Cops!

Epic Poop Prank!

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