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Socksfor1 has more than One Million Subscribers
Socksfor1 plays video games
Socksfor1 is an Animator
Socksfor1 is a Reactor
Socksfor1 is from Canada
Socksfor1 is from the United States
Socksfor1 is male
Socksfor1 created their account in 2014
Socksfor1 is a Content Creator on YouTube

Nicholas (born: October 11, 2000 (2000-10-11) [age 21]), better known online as Socksfor1, or just Socks, is an Canadian-American gaming YouTuber. He often dresses as an orange astronaut.

He is known for finding and putting mods to Among Us and Minecraft. However, he also does videos on Raft and other games. He has done a 24 hour subnautica. He generally does videos based on "_______, but I downloaded every single mod," and is best known for his "I Survived hardcore Modded Minecraft for ___ Days using the Largest modpack possible" series. He also plays Among Us with his friends, FatMemeGod, Blaza, Nadwe, TbhHonest and others. He has done lots of mods like medic, lightsaber, gun, bazooka, claymore, mayor, detective, sheriff, witch, jester, god, and others. He also does 24 hour challenges I played raft for 24 hours straight. He also has a Minecraft server called He hit #1 trending on October 29, 2020.

Socksfor1 is his main channel, he uploads videos of mods there.

He has a second channel named Socksfor2 where he used to do VR videos. But he now plays random games on his second channel with his friends.

He has a third channel named Socksfor3 where he does random content like his first channel, From 19/8/2021 to 9/10, Socksfor3 had 1 video, on 10/10, he started uploading Roblox videos on this channel.

He also has a fourth channel named SockStudios where he draws and animates.

There is a fifth channel named SocksReacts. He usually reacts to videos and memes, the most of them are Dhar Mann. He also has an ongoing Reddit series where he reads Reddit submissions on his subreddit, r/Socksfor1Submissions, which was previously done on the main channel.

Socks SMP

Socksfor1 has recently started an SMP with his friends in which they play modded Minecraft. This SMP was created on February 6, 2021, and started out with his good friend FatMemeGod getting married to a cow by the name of Wictoria, who is killed in the wedding. Socksfor1 is blamed for the death of Wictoria. One of the reasons Socksfor1 is in prison is because he was in charge of the security but the security didn't come. He was in war with FatMemeGod in the SockSMP after escaping prison, taking FatMemeGod's medical degree and attending a funeral for the cow (somewhat named Dinnerbone instead of Wictoria). Later, he was sent to couple therapy and later to trial. He is currently on the run after a dragon distracted them. Laff also turned him into a monkey to hide his true identity. The only way for him to show his face is to be Socksforbald. He then showed Blaza his identity. He then later showed Meme his identity so he can be turned back into a human. Meme was skeptic, but Socks made a good point, and promised Meme his medical degree if he turned him back. Meme agreed, and turned Socks back to normal...kind of. Meme then states that Socks is now a girl. Socks then runs away with the medical degree, but Meme stops him. He then states that he needs that medical degree or else Nadwe will die, as Laff will kill him. Socks then feels bad, and gives back the medical degree. Next episode, Socks and Blaza go to tbh’s gym and train to get buff. After Socks get’s buff, He challanges laff to a boxing match. When it is time for the match,Laff transforms into an iron golem and Socks didnt stand a chance. Socks goes back to his base defeated.

SMP characters

This is a list of the Socks SMP characters

Player Characters: These characters are played by real people
Character Name Minecraft Username
Socks therealSocksfor1
Meme/MemeGod FatMemeGod
Blaza MrBlaza_
Nadwe Nadwe
Tbh TbhHonest
Laff __Laff

L4FF (after transformation)

Muffin MuffinJuice
Oof oofistooshort
Woolfster Woolfster
Oompa oompaville
Joocie Joocie_
Dino Dinosaur_exe


  • Socksfor1 shows a very popular style of editing used very commonly of in where he adds silly sound effects to his videos to add to comedic effect, this is most famously used in the YouTube channel, Let’s Game It Out.
  • He also uses cartoony sprites to help the audience visualize the emotions of the people in the video, very commonly they appear with a text box using the corresponding color of the person and the sprites appear almost always in the bottom left corner of the video.
  • Although his thumbnails and titles make his channel look like a kids channel, his videos contain mature jokes and even swearing, although the swearing is censored.


  • Socksfor1 was born in Canada and then later moved to Nevada.
  • Socksfor1’s hobbies are reading, photography, learning, traveling and internet surfing.
  • He met some of his friends, like TBVG through Discord DMs.
  • He is the second oldest member (Laff is the oldest), youngest being MuffinJuice only being 14.
  • If not noticed, everyone except Rifty, Bob (Bakbak) and Jowdow have cartoony avatars.
  • He and Meme have said they grew up with strict parents.
  • Oof and TBVG were the only 2 who didn't do the Sock SMP, so it wasn't a lot of extra space by the time the war started if they did join.
  • Some of his friends fanbase gave them their Cartoony Avatars.
  • He has been changing his home face on the channel, his end screen, and what his color background looks like.
  • He has appeared as a guest on the podcast, SomeOrdinaryPodcast, hosted by SomeOrdinaryGamers, Oompaville, and Nux Taku.
  • He is known as a spaceman but does not know a lot about planets.

Subscriber milestones

Note: The following dates are according to Social Blade. Dates may vary by one or two days due to differences in time zones.

  • 1 million subscribers: February 25, 2020
  • 2 million subscribers: October 21, 2020
  • 3 million subscribers: January 1, 2021
  • 4 million subscribers: November 16, 2021