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Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar!

―Muta's intro

Mutahar "Muta" Anas (Hindi: मुताहिर अनस; born: May 1, 1994 (1994-05-01) [age 30]),[1][2] better known online as SomeOrdinaryGamers (or simply SOG), is a Canadian YouTuber residing in Toronto, Ontario. He regularly posts commentary, gaming and technology videos on YouTube. The most popular series on his channel are "Deep Web Browsing" and "Virus Investigations". He streams on YouTube on Mondays and Fridays and also acts as one of the hosts of the podcast, SomeOrdinaryPodcast.


Mutahar joined YouTube on February 4, 2007, under the username "mutahar1".[3] He opened his current channel, SomeOrdinaryGamers, on March 15, 2012, and uploaded his first video the next day, in which he played the classic video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time[4]. He earned 40,000 subscribers after only a year of making videos. In late 2013, he also started streaming on Twitch. Mutahar continued to focus gaming videos on his channel until August 2, 2015, when he started to focus on deep web and creepypasta videos instead.

In early 2019, Anas started to focus on commentary videos.

In a video uploaded on November 7, 2019, he criticized YouTuber Dan Sullivan for abusing his dog.[5] On the next day, Dan removed the video discussed by Mutahar and claimed that the police showed up at his house.[6]

In 2020, after ImJayStation announced his girlfriend Alexia Marano's supposed death, Mutahar noted that after being unable to find any reports of her passing, the police confirmed that Marano was not involved in any car accident in Ottawa.[7][8] YouTubers such as penguinz0 and Pyrocynical credited him for uncovering the lie.

Mutahar supported EDP445 after YouTube refused to send him a Gold Play Button.[Note 1]

On April 13, 2020, Mutahar uploaded a video about how Valorant's anti-cheat engine could be a security and privacy risk to consumers. The video went viral with media all around the world covering it.

Apollo Quiboloy[]

In June 2023, Mutahar filed a complaint on YouTube's Twitter account regarding notorious Filipino televangelist and alleged sex offender Apollo Quiboloy, pointing out how a man wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation is running a YouTube channel.[9] YouTube then suspended Quiboloy's channel on June 21, later explaining that the ban was also carried out in compliance with US government sanctions issued against the televangelist due to allegations of human rights violations,[10] which was later followed by similar bans on other channels owned and/or affiliated with Quiboloy, such as the SMNI News and Kingdom of Jesus Christ channels.[11]

Mutahar's actions spurred calls for Quiboloy to be deplatformed from social media, such as when Twitter user @dutertewatchdog filed a report with TikTok which also suspended Quiboloy's account on similar grounds,[12] and with Meta which suspended Quiboloy and SMNI's Facebook and Instagram accounts, pursuant to the tech giant's Dangerous Organizations and Individuals Policy.[13]

In March 2024 Mutahar uploaded an update regarding the situation with Quiboloy, who went into hiding following mounting legal and law enforcement pressure from both the US and Philippine authorities due to both the aforementioned sexual abuse accusations and also due to alleged anomalies in relation to his SMNI News network as well as corruption within his ministry. Quiboloy also alleged that President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. (of whom he was a staunch ally of prior to his falling out with the Marcos administration) and the US government have been conspiring to assassinate him.


Some of Mutahar's fellow YouTuber friends include Nexpo, penguinz0, Huggbees, and blameitonjorge. Charlie and Muta discuss each other in their videos a lot, and he also revealed he trusts Mutahar a lot since he worked in technology and security. When MamaMax's video exposing predators on YouTube was taken down, Muta was one of the YouTubers who supported him and made a video on the situation.

He co-hosts SomeOrdinaryPodcast with Nux Taku and Oompaville.



On January 21, 2020, Jason Matthew Ethier of ImJayStation uploaded two videos titled "My Girlfriend Alexia Died... *Rest in Paradise*" and "SAYING GOODBYE TO MY GIRLFRIEND ALEXIA (REST IN PARADISE)"; click-baiting the "death" of his girlfriend, Alexia Marano, in a car accident. Though Jason was initially met with sympathy, many would later realize Marano was alive and well, and that Jason was lying for profit. Many people called Jason out for it, including Keemstar after Jason uploaded another video titled "LIE DETECTOR TEST TURNS INTO REAL BREAKUP!! (CHALLENGE)" on another channel he shared with Alexia.

SomeOrdinaryGamers, among others, noted that after searching and asking for any reports, the Toronto police and Ottawa police confirmed that Alexia Marano was not involved in any car accident in Ottawa or Toronto, and noted other inconsistencies within Jason's video. He explains in the video that something similar has happened to him too. Many people, including Drew Gooden and H3h3Productions shared similar ideas, and partly quoted SomeOrdinaryGamers in their videos[14][15].


On April 10, 2020, Mutahar called out Ethan Klein[16] of h3h3Productions for donation-shaming Jeff Bezos after he donated $100,000,000 to coronavirus research, abandoning the FUPA fund and backstabbing Keemstar. In a video uploaded a few days later, Mutahar corrected himself by saying that Ethan didn't outright donation shame Bezos.

However, on April 18, 2020, Ethan made a 37-minute response video to Mutahar titled "Everyone Loves Ethan." He brought up Mutahar's net worth as $1,000,000, which Mutahar later jokingly corrected to be $45,000,000[17]; he also falsely accused Mutahar of doxxing him, Mutahar clarified this information was publicly available and he did not intend to doxx him[18]. Ethan also started raising $100,000 to research for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Mutahar responded on Twitter by accepting he was wrong and took down both of his videos criticizing h3h3. On April 19, Mutahar uploaded a video titled "I Owe An Apology", in which he apologized to Ethan. On April 26, Ethan uploaded a video titled "My Beef With SomeOrdinaryGamers Is Squashed" where he accepted Mutahar's apology.


On March 10, 2021, Mutahar released a video titled "Twitch Keeps Making Mistake After Mistake..." where he examines the code for Twitch's unreleased brand risk score system that was leaked on Twitter by Daylam Tayari. In this video, he criticizes Twitch and gives his predictions on how this system could impact streamers and their streams.

DarkViperAU, a popular GTA V speedrunner and Twitch streamer, came across the video and defended the system, saying that it would be a positive move from Twitch for many reasons and that it will actually help streamers. Mutahar then made a response video titled "addressing a controversy..." published on March 14 where he goes in-depth on the points he made in the original video and counters the points made in DarkViperAU's Video. Since then, DarkViperAU has uploaded another video, this time responding to that video.

Mutahar said in a pinned comment in the comment section under the "addressing a controversy..." video that he needed to address the criticism and claims, and will drop the drama there and move on, due to him being too busy with other projects at the moment.[19]

On April 8, 2021, DarkViperAU apologized in a video titled "Sorry For Being Obsessive/Aggressive (SomeOrdinaryGamers and Twitch's Brand Safety Score)". The two YouTubers have moved past the controversy and are in good terms now.[20]

Criticism of Andrew Tate's bans[]

On August 20, 2022, Mutahar published a video on Andrew Tate, talking about why he is a negative influence on teens and young adults and why he is "an unsavory individual." When the topic of Tate's Facebook and Instagram bans and deplatforming were brought up, Mutahar criticized Tate's bans, stating that they would only make his followers more extreme, and took a stance against deplatforming in any scenario.

Mutahar's strong stance against any form of deplatforming brought controversy on an otherwise non-controversial video. While some did agree that his bans could potentially make current followers more extreme, people defended it saying that it can help deter more youth from following Tate. People also defended Tate's deplatforming due to Tate's history of violence towards women and his propagation of hateful and harmful ideology. Mutahar released an explanation and apology on Twitter,[21] however the replies are negative, calling it a 'non-apology' and a 'fence sitting' response.

Established Titles scam promotion[]

In some of Mutahar's newest videos, there used to be sponsorships for a company named Established Titles, which claimed that one could buy a small plot of land in Scotland and be declared as s Lord or Lady, while planting trees to help the environment. However, according to Scottish law, the plots that Established Titles sold were souvenir plots of land i.e. "a piece of land which, being of inconsiderable size or no practical utility, is unlikely to be wanted in isolation except for the sake of mere ownership or for sentimental reasons or commemorative purposes."[22] Mutahar became aware of this, and cut ties with the company and has trimmed out all sponsorship sections related to them in his videos.

Reddit Lore[]

On February 3 2024, Mutahar made a video called “This Is The Most Insane Reddit I've seen” In which he talks about the subreddit called r/BatmanArkham and how It has turned into one of the biggest meme subreddits of all time. This sparks people to start posting memes from the BatmanArkham subreddit to his subreddit r/SomeOrdinaryGmrs. The first post of the ‘Insanity’ as people from the Arkham subreddit say, is from Reddit user u/Beginning_Attempt793 which is the user who started spreading the ‘insanity’ into Muta’s subreddit. The post is titled “Is there a lore reason why Tahar made a video about us? Is he stupid?” and then after that post there would be a photoshop of Muthar’s face in Man’s costume. Man is a meme on the r/BatmanArkham subreddit that is a photoshopped version of Batman without bat ears. Some of the characters are Dragon ball Z, Skibidi toilet and Man.


"A furry, you know, an after-hours furry party if you know what I mean, if you're catching my drift. It is one of my bucket list things, if I die before that happens I'm gonna be sad, okay. I'm gonna actually be sad, I know I'm laughing right now, I've got that sarcastic tone, but I'm actually gonna be sad."[23]

  • "But Muta!"[24]
  • "Even this chubby Indian guy made a video."

Personal Life[]

Mutahar was born to an Indian family outside Canada,[25] and moved to Toronto as a child. His family comes from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. His father is a doctor. He was raised Muslim.[26]

Mutahar graduated from Humber College in 2015. His partner is a registered nurse and cohost of the Real Weird Sickos Podcast. He first confirmed to be in a relationship on SomeOrdinaryPodcast when discussing with guest Wavywebsurf that their girlfriends are acquaintances. He was still in middle school when Garry's Mod released in November 2006[27][28].

He has talked about facing racism growing up after the September 11 attacks.[29]

In June 2024, Mutahar announced the opening of his own skincare company.[30]

Subscriber milestones[]

Note: The following dates are according to Social Blade. Dates may vary by one or two days due to differences in time zones.

  • 10,000 subscribers: September 20, 2012
  • 30,000 subscribers: December 21, 2012
  • 40,000 subscribers: January 10, 2013
  • 100,000 subscribers: April 19, 2013
  • 200,000 subscribers: September 30, 2013
  • 300,000 subscribers: October 29, 2013
  • 1 million subscribers: May 18, 2018
  • 2 million subscribers: July 12, 2020
  • 3 million subscribers: December 3, 2021


  • Mutahar suffers from recurring sleep paralysis, and has stated in multiple videos that sleeping in Minecraft helped with it.[31][32]
  • Mutahar had a Newgrounds account named "friggerzombie".[33]
  • In his free time, he mostly plays Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Minecraft.
  • He adores the Deus Ex cyberpunk gaming franchise and considers it one of the best AAA+ game franchises ever made with "no misses" or "flops". He was upset that Square Enix sold the series for NFTs[34]. He has also made numerous videos on the series including a No kill/alert playthrough of Human Revolution[35].
    • Mutahar was given early access of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on August 22, 2016 and gave a "first impressions review" of the game while also expressing his love and passion for the series[36].
    • He is unaware that Human Revolution's development is one of the sole reasons Hitman: Absolution came out so poorly, this is due to the history of Fei Zhu and his gang.
  • Some jokes/memes regarding Muta include:
    • Jokingly calling him "Muta" or "Mutahard"
    • Inherited names from his R/BatmanArkham saga, "Har" and "Tahar" [37]
    • Calling him "dad" or "Indian dad"
    • Mutahar's laugh[38]
  • He found the Delta Force Sniper character from CS: Condition Zero to be "annoying" and "didn't belong" in a Counter Strike setting[39].
  • DSPGaming banned him on his streams for an unknown reason.
  • He is 6'2".[40]
  • He is afraid of white text on a black background.[41]
  • Mutahar natively speaks Hindi.[42]
    • Some videos will start with an intro in Hindi, a compilation of which can be found here.
    • In videos with Hindi introductions, he introduces himself with his last name "Anas" instead of his first name.
  • He has an official Discord server. The only way to get an invite is to attend one of his YouTube livestreams where a stream mod will occasionally post one in the chat (the invites always expire after some time).
  • In his video about ImJayStation, Mutahar revealed that he himself lost a friend to a drunk driver.
  • Mutahar hates Elsagate videos, Facebook games and invites, cringy and tryhard creepypastas, stability updates, Destiny, DarksydePhil, Konami, The Emoji Movie, and undercooked chicken.
  • On April 12th, 2020, he uploaded a video titled "YouTube Shouldn't Defend Suzy Lu's Censorship...[43]" which discussed him talking about Suzy Lu and her reaction content (reaction theft) while also talking about her "false DMCA claims". The video was deleted in 2021 for unknown reasons, its speculated if Suzy falsely copyright-striked Mutahar.



  1. This was before EDP445 was exposed.


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