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SootHouse has more than One Million Subscribers
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SootHouse reads books
SootHouse is a Reactor
SootHouse creates meme videos
SootHouse is a Vlogger
SootHouse is from England
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SootHouse created their account in 2017
SootHouse is a Content Creator on YouTube

Your mum would like us.


Eat pant.


SootHouse was an English group YouTube channel best known for being one of the pioneer channels of the "Reddit reading" style of YouTube video that rose to popularity in 2017.

Soothouse had a recurring cast of seven men and one woman. The directing frontman and main editor was Wilbur Soot, and the other members included Charlie (Charlie Does Stuff!), David (Bayvid), George, Dan, Jack, Matt, and Rhianna (amaRhana). 

The majority of Soothouse's YouTube videos consisted of "Reddit Readings", involving the channel's members reading popular posts aloud from a wide variety of popular subreddits (including r/sbubby, r/creepyPMs, and r/ScottishPeopleTwitter) from Reddit. These readings were often accompanied by their signature raucous laughter and comedic commentary. 


The channel was created on April 16, 2017. SootHouse's first video, Bulgarian Real Estate, was uploaded on April 17, 2017. The video included Wilbur and George mocking websites selling cheap houses in Eastern Europe. It is the channel's longest video to date.

Four months later, the channel gained fame for the first time after uploading The Worst Bedrooms on 4chan, garnering 300k views in under a week and catapulting them towards 50k subs within 2 weeks. This success came very quickly for a channel with no previous background or controversy. Some of this can likely be attributed to the rise in popularity of the "Reddit Reading" style of YouTube video in 2017. This style is considered to have been pioneered by SootHouse, SorrowTV (a close associate of the channel), Slazo, and Wild Spartanz.

On October 8, 2017, the channel uploaded Terrible Off-Brands and Bootlegs. The video gained immense popularity at the time, and had 5.9 million views as of April 2021. The video is also famed both within and outside of the SootHouse fandom for sparking a running-gag of the phrase "Eat pant" which has spread to various online communities and into widespread use.

Shortly afterwards, Soothouse celebrated reaching their 50k subscriber milestone by posting their first vlog-style video, David's Birthday (50k Subs), on October 22, 2017. This video functioned as a face-reveal video for David, Jack, Wilbur and George. 

Subsequently, /r/4PanelCringe was uploaded on December 20, 2017, and functioned as a face reveals for Charlie, Dan and Matt; and SootShirts (Eat Pant Merch), uploaded on March 28, 2018, became SootHouse's first vlog-style video with Rhianna in it (however it cannot be considered a face-reveal video for her).

Indefinite Hiatus

On July 28, 2019 SootHouse was announced to be on an indefinite hiatus. Wilbur Soot stated in a Twitch stream that they wouldn't be making any more videos. SootHouse deactivated their Patreon on October 6, 2019. There is often speculation across multiple internet platforms as to whether the channel will ever be revived.

Video Format

SootHouse's format revolved around a comedy group dynamic, frequently pushing for contagious laughter and ridicule as their main source of comedy. The channel's content generally focused on different aspects of internet culture. Their videos were generally edited in a SovietWomble style, with subtitles timed to speech, atop their signature white marble background. Color-coded text was used to distinguish between the members (or collaborative guests) when they were talking.

Color Coding

SootHouse had 8 members: Wilbur, Charlie, David, George, Dan, Jack, Matt, and Rhianna. Given the large number of members, and as they generally only recorded audio, color-coded text was necessary to distinguish between the members when they were speaking. Each member (or guest) had their own specific color that was unique to them. This color-coded subtitle style became a signature aspect of SootHouse videos.

SootHouse member subtitle colors
Name Color
Wilbur Grey/White
Charlie Blue
Charlie Soot.png
David Green
George Purple
George Soot.png
Dan Red
Jack Yellow
Matt Orange
Rhianna Fuchsia
SootHouse guest/collaborator subtitle colors
Name Color
Sorrow TV Black
Sorrow TV Soot.png
General Sam Light Blue
General Sam Soot.png
Kilian Experience Light Brown
Kilian Experience Soot.png
Internet Historian Beige
Internet Historian Soot.png
RTGame Dark Lavender
RTGame Soot.png
CallMeCarson Sea Green
CallMeCarson Soot.png
ImAllexx Dusty Pink
ImAllexx Soot.png
Slazo Peach
Slazo Soot.png
Jschlatt Majorelle Blue
Majorelle Blue.png

Full list of vlog/IRL videos

SootHouse also occasionally released vlogs.

Below is a full list of all of the SootHouse videos filmed on camera (i.e. not in their classic subtitles-on-marble style) in chronological order of their release dates:

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: May 30, 2019


  • SootHouse first released merchandise after reaching 500k subscribers.
  • Several members of Soothouse (Wilbur, Charlie, Rihanna, and David) have maintained public profiles on the internet after the channel announced its indefinite hiatus. Notably, Wilbur (under the alias of Wilbur Soot) has found widespread success on both YouTube and Twitch, becoming a well-known name across both platforms.