Soph is a Commentator
Soph is a Vlogger
Soph is from the United States
Soph is female
Soph created their account in 2015
All of Soph's channels have been removed from YouTube
Soph is a Content Creator on YouTube

Sophia "Soph" (born: September 23, 2004 (2004-09-23) [age 16]) (formerly known as LtCorbis), is an American right-wing[1] political commentator, rapper, record producer and former YouTuber.

With her channel that she started in August 2015, her content focused on satirical commentary around popular YouTube figures as well as her personal life. Her friend and editor Vaporub Boy (or Victor) makes recurring appearances in her videos, and had a role in almost all of her livestreams.


Sophia's first video was posted on December 23, 2015. A video posted on February 1, 2016 highlighted the Fine Brothers React World controversy. Almost a month later, on March 10, she received attention from Pyrocynical on Reddit when one of her videos was a top post. Pyrocynical would then mention her in his own video which later on made LtCorbis one of the most well-known commentators in the commentary community.

YouTube deleted Sophia's channel on August 1, 2019, citing violations of its hate speech policy.[2]


Roles she has portrayed in her videos include:


In April 2019, Russian YouTuber by the name of NFKRZ posted on Twitter screenshots from Soph's Discord of her making Islamophobic remarks calling for the "mass genocide of muslims".[5] She then said on a three-hour livestream that she was not genocidal but hated Islam in general.[6]

She was also accused of racism, but denied it in an appearance on Happy Homelands, (a web show hosted by RamZPaul and Styxhexenhammer666) stating that she wasn't interested in far-right politics.

In May 2019, local Bay Area news station KRON4 reported that Soph had been subject to two separate police investigations due to the content of the videos uploaded to her YouTube page. This content included threats against Susan Wojcicki.[7] A year later, she stated that students at her school protested her and tried to attack her.

"Susan, I've known your address since last summer", Soph said, directly addressing YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. "I've got a Luger and a mitochondrial disease. I don't care if I live. Why should I care if you live or your children? I just called an Uber. You've got about seven minutes to draft up a will. I'm coming for you, and it ain't gonna be pretty."


A two-month hiatus came after she uploaded the video Hollywood Pedos (Part 2)[1] . She came back by changing the whole profile of the channel and renaming herself to soph.


On July 31, 2019, Sophia uploaded a video titled "Pride and Prejudice",[2] addressing the sexualization of minors such as Desmond is Amazing at pride parades. In the video, Sophia sarcastically told her followers to "make sure to blame me in your manifestos" - referencing manifestos posted by mass shooters like the Christchurch shooter who killed 51 people in March 2019. On August 1, her channel was taken down.[8]

Following the ban, she tweeted a photo of herself with a gun, writing "YouTube headquarters here I come." She later deleted this tweet, and said that the "Gun tweet obviously a joke," in her follow-up tweet.[9] She continued posting content on her BitChute channel and then joined[10]