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Spited is a Czech music analysis channel that indicates all rhymes of some rap verses.


They take some rap verses and analyse their rhymes. All rhymes are highlighted with various colors. A lot of rap songs usually have rhyme schemes not only at the end of each line, but also in the middle of them, which is why the middle of the lines are partially highlighted, too.

The thumbnails are consistent. They always have the rapper's name, rapper's picture and their entire verse with rhyme highlights on it.


  • They have around hundred rap verse they want to highlight.
  • When they run out of colors to highlight due to the excessive amount of rhymes, instead of highlighting the rhymes, they start to underline them.
  • Sometimes, the word count and unique rhyme count are included after highlighting the verse.
  • Practically, this channel is entirely focused on Genius' Check the Rhyme.]
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