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Sponker plays video games
Sponker is a Commentator
Sponker is from the United States
Sponker is male
Sponker created their account in 2016
Sponker is a Content Creator on YouTube

Spencer (born: 2004–2005 [age 16–18]) better known online as Sponker (or simply Sponk), is an American YouTuber and TikToker who is known for his 1.9+ PvP skills. He is also known as 'the guy who trained Dream in PvP'. His presence on TikTok is way bigger than his presence on YouTube with over 270,000+ followers on TikTok compared to his 22,000+ subscribers on YouTube.


Sponker is known for his godlike 1.9+ PvP skills, specifically 1.16 combat and has been the trainer of Dream after encountering him. He is well-known for his collaborations with various creators on TikTok, such as Tubbo, Twi Shorts, TommyInnit, Kyabetes, etc. His ability to take on multiple enemies and come out victorious in Minecraft duels on PvPLegacy made him quite popular among the community, gaining a mass following of over 270,000 current followers on TikTok, collaborating with experts such as Australian PvPer MrVirus. During a stream, Dream mentions that he has been training with Spencer in 1.16 PvP, especially on the most popular PvP Minecraft server in existence - PvPLegacy.

From here, Sponker begins to grow popular as his TikToks start to get noticed, amassing over 3,000,000 views on a few of his TikTok videos; showcasing Minecraft challenges.

Personal life

He goes to college and is currently active on YouTube but on hiatus from TikTok. He also has a bigger presence on Twitter than on YouTube and TikTok.


Early beginnings

PvPLegacy was the server that Spencer frequently trained on, hours on end; picking up new/better strategies. Soon he started a YouTube channel in 2016, with a video titled "How I met Dream" which will later become his most viewed video EVER. Due to this he gained a mass following on YouTube, pushing him on.

This all led him to private the video; and then along comes a long line of private videos which was 50+ privated and 30+ are deleted. Losing hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube, this is where Spencer would take a break from there and off to TikTok he goes. Rolling up over 270,000 followers. A few weeks later, he returned to YouTube.

Joining the Lifesteal SMP

Sponker was a member of the second season of the Lifesteal SMP, joining in November 2021 and leaving 24 hours after. He is no longer a member of the SMP as a result of controversy. Click here for a bit more info. Sponker also made a video on this titled So I Joined the Lifesteal SMP...for only 24 hours which was privated.

Channel rebirth

In Late March 2022, After all these deleted and privated videos, Sponker decides to start all over again in March 19, 2022.

He uploaded a new video named, I Survived 50 Hours In The End, featuring his friend Index. The video gains over 16,700 views in the first 3 weeks upon his channel rebirth, where he amasses a new and fresh 22,700+ subscribers. He is currently on a break from TikTok.


Unfriending Dream

He used to have Dream added on his alt Discord account. However, he later unfriended him due to him being used by Dream to become better at PvP. A few hours after he unfriended Dream, he was accused of unfriending Dream's whole team on Discord and multiple attacks against him by the "Dream stans". He later responded to all of the accusations and showed proof that he hasn't unfriended Sapnap and BadBoyHalo.

Other channels & videos

Sponker has another channel, by the same name, bio and pfp. It has 1 video as of 2022 in which he goes on a random private SMP.


  • He is autistic.
  • Dream admitted live on stream that he was indeed trained by Sponker in 1.16 PvP.[1]