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Bethany Garrett (born: November 18, 1996 (1996-11-18) [age 23]), better known online as Sqaishey Quack is a Minecraft player who accompanies stampylonghead in the Cave Den Series shown on the stampylonghead Channel. Sqaishey is also commonly known as Stampy's girlfriend which has been verified on the 72nd episode of Ear Biscuits which starred Stampy. Stampy and Sqaishey got married in July 2019


Minecraft Xbox Skin: Due to the limited skins on offer in the Xbox edition of Minecraft, Sqaishey's skin consists of a chicken in a gentlemen's tuxedo.

Minecraft PC Skin: Designed exclusively for her, Sqaishey's skin in the PC edition of Minecraft is far more resembling to her YouTube avatar.

Human Appearance: Sqaishey recently donated her long brown hair to the little princess trust, for people with alopecia. It is now quite short, and also has a gold/blonde streak running through it.

Sqaishey Quack 

Sqaishey also has a YouTube channel of her own, with a rapidly growing subscriber count of over 700,000. She openly takes inspiration from Stampy, and has created an adventure map for him to play, although there has no official video of him playing it as of yet.

In her most popular series, entitled 'Feather Adventures', she adds someone new to a sign in her "Feather Friends Pond" to 'thank them' in some way. This is incredibly similar to 'Stampy's Love Garden ', as the entire series is very similar to his 'Lovely World' series.

Notable series of hers include:

  • Feather Adventues
  • Just4fun
  • Cloud Nest
  • Super Happy Fun Time
  • Terraria
  • Netty's House
  • Hardcore Lifestyle
  • Slime Ranchers 
  • My House
  • Ponds


She normally appeared with Stampy in the Cave Den series, but since the episode Wiggly Worm, she now appears in most episodes of Stampy's Lovely World as a helper.

  • Wiggly Worm.
  • We're All Winners.
  • Behind Bars
  • Fish Tank
  • Orca
  • Whale Of A Time
  • Cool School
  • Playground
  • School Day
  • Robot Statues
  • Perfect Penthouse
  • Bed Bounce
  • Bees And Bears
  • Honey Hunt
  • Furniture Shop
  • Need To Read
  • Book Bounce
  • Cooking Pot
  • Baa Baa Barber
  • Sheep Scramble
  • Mole Mound
  • Peekaboo
  • Mole Hole
  • Rule The Duel.
  • Desert Drop
  • Fast Food
  • Fizz Bang
  • fireworkshop
  • tick tock shop
  • tea time
  • clock climb
  • Sandcastle
  • Big Banana
  • Chicken Twins
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