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Squizzy is an Animator
Squizzy is an Artist
Squizzy is from Australia
Squizzy is female
Squizzy created their account in 2012
Squizzy is a member of the LGBTQ+ Community
Squizzy is a Content Creator on YouTube

Hyojin Choi (born: June 28, 1999 (1999-06-28) [age 23])[1], better known online as squizzy (also known as squizxy), is an Australian YouTube animator known for her animation and speed paint videos.


Along with her YouTube channel, she also frequently streams on Twitch, mostly showing herself animating videos or doing art commissions for her fans. She also plays games with friends and other YouTubers as well as chatting with her viewers. She also appeared as one of the co-hosts of the since canceled podcast "The Pubcast" on AKindAleWar's YouTube channel. She is currently in a relationship with Portuguese Youtuber Punk Duck, who has appeared in several of her recent videos, including her animated short "Yap and Quack."


Slazo Situation

On June 10, 2019, Slazo was falsely accused of being a rapist by his ex-girlfriend, which resulted in many YouTubers such as Squizzy and ImAllexx to show their support on Chey. However, after Slazo's response that debunks the allegations with evidence, Hyojin received backlash, due to her not apologizing to Slazo and for defending Chey and due to anecdotes by some of Hyojin's friends, such as ImAllexx and others, claimed that Hyojin "spearheaded" the assault rumor in an attempt to undermine Slazo's reputation. In September 2019, Hyojin apologized for the situation on one of her Twitch streams, though it is now lost. In July 2020, Hyojin revealed that Slazo followed them on Twitter, calling him their biggest fan, which means that they are most likely on good terms.

Animal Abuse accusation

After the Slazo situation, Turkey Tom made a video about the situation, where it was revealed in direct messages from an anonymous source stated that Hyojin was abusive to her dog that was (allegedly) living with her at the time. The source claimed that Hyojin picked up the dog and proceeded to drop the dog on the source's back and laughed about it.[2] She later came out with a statement regarding the allegations, claiming that she did not abuse any animals.[3] However, many didn't believe her side due to the fact that she mentioned that the dog would usually bite and scratch her, making others believe she was making an excuse about abusing the dog.

It wasn't until Aidan Walker (AKindAleWar), who lived with the dog and its owner, came out with a Discord post explaining the situation further; Aidan said that Hyojin did not live with the dog and that she didn't drop the dog on the floor, but instead reflexively pushed it off a couch when it jumped on her, which is what the source claimed was abuse. He said that this had happened multiple times with different people, due to the dog's poor training. Aidan claims to have talked with the dog's owner since, and the owner regrets posting the story about Hyojin to the public. [4] This is not her first animal abuse allegation, as Gitty alleged that Hyojin mocked the death of her cat.


Several former friends of Hyojin have claimed that she bullied them, such as Gitty claiming that Hyojin invited her to group chat just to mock her, and even accused her of wanting to sleep with NFKRZ[5].

Racism and slurs

In 2019, a Discord message was leaked of Hyojin ranting at someone and calling them "nigg*r" multiple times amongst other insults[6]. Hyojin has also said "I hate nigg*rs" on stream and was called out by her friends for it[7].

Pedophillia Accusation

After the allegations of animal abuse, many people searched and found evidence that Hyojin had an NSFW account, where she would draw YouTubers in a pornographic nature. She received extreme backlash when many people found a picture of a drawing she made of a Twitter user named Eileen9Tails, when she was 16-years-old that she drew back in 2017, accusing her of being a pedophile as Hyojin was 18 at the time.[8]

These controversies caused Hyojin to claim she was planning on attempting suicide this tweet. She was soon hospitalized after making the tweet, according to the moderators on her Discord server.[9] In July 2019, Hyojin was in a mental ward after her hospitalization. Since then, she has been released.[10]


  • For a while, some people thought Hyojin hated Pyrocynical due to her near constantly insulting and ridiculing him during one of the episodes of the Pubcast podcast, though this was actually just friendly banter. She was, in fact, his girlfriend and had been dating him since mid-2016, according to her Tumblr.
    • On April 17, 2019, Hyojin announced separation with him, but that they'll remain friends.
    • In July 2019, she was accused of cheating on him. However, it's unknown if these allegations are true as Hyojin has defended herself, claiming that she never cheated on Pyrocynical.[11]
  • Her online name is derived from Infamous Australian gangster Squizzy Taylor, because she thought his first name "sounded cool", but changed the second 'z' to an 'x', so she would show up in the Google search results. This was later changed back for only her YouTube account.
  • She is also known for her laughs, especially when she collaborated with Pyrocynical.
  • She revealed on their Twitter that they are pansexual/nonbinary and goes by she/they for their pronouns.
  • She is of Korean descent.