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Jacob Ware, better known online as starman3, is a former SM64 Machinist & Robloxian, now he mainly does gaming & remixes. He was also one of the parts of the original cast of SMG4.


YouTube Rangers

Starman3 is the leader of the YouTube Group YouTube Rangers.


GrandStarLegion is the second group Starman3 joined (the first one being YouTube Rangers).

The channel/group is a gaming channel, where every member gets their own series. (Starman3's being Let's Play Super Mario Bros.)


Starman3 was later faced with accusations of being pedophilic, as well as a generally poor leader for the YouTube Rangers. He eventually confirmed these rumors, however repeatedly failed to change his ways. Over the years, many YTR members came forward with stories and pictures of him engaging in sexualized roleplay and romantic behavior. This is in spite of many of his fans and YTR members being well below the age of consent at the times these actions occurred.

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