Stef Sanjati is a Vlogger
Stef Sanjati makes beauty videos
Stef Sanjati is from Canada
Stef Sanjati is female
Stef Sanjati created their account in 2012
Stef Sanjati is a member of the LGBTQ+ Community
Stef Sanjati is a Content Creator on YouTube

Stefanie Luciana Peloza (born: November 27, 1995 (1995-11-27) [age 25]), better known online as Stef Sanjati, is a Canadian video blogger and YouTube personality, known for her transgender educational videos, which are primarily aimed at other transgendered people as well as those who want to learn about trans-related issues. As of February 2019 Stef has been living on the road travelling around the world with Phil Paquette (Paqs), fellow YouTuber and musician. In this time period, she will be uploading 3+ travel vlog videos a week.

Her YouTube channel also covers topics such as mental health, relationships and fashion. Sanjati is also known for her make-up tutorials, which are especially targeted towards helping other trans women.

Sanjati has a distinctive facial appearance, with a streak of white hair and very blue eyes set further apart than most people's. This is due to a genetic condition known as Waardenburg syndrome, which she has vlogged about on her channel and has since been her most popular videos to date.


In December 2016 Sanjati underwent facial feminization surgery. She did not allow her surgeon to alter any of her Waardenburg syndrome features, and went for a more mild result so that she still "looked like [her]" Sanjati vlogged the whole healing process on her YouTube channel, as done with her other procedures.

In February 2018 Sanjati underwent a 'Brazilian Butt Lift' plastic surgery procedure, which she also vlogged. (The procedure uses liposuction to redistribute fat around the midsection to create a more "feminine" waist and hip shape).

In the same month Sanjati also underwent botox along with her mother, recieving 10 units of botox on her forhead and her mother recieving 40, along with lip filler injections. She underwent botox at what many individuals would consider a "young age" due to horizontal lines that went acorss her forhead that she considered "annoying" and made her "uncomfortable with", and a furrow forming inbetween her eyebrows, which she wanted to relax the muscle of before it solidified. She also mentioned that the furrow runs down the womens side of her family. "It sounds crazy but if you understand the true purpose of these injectables it's a bit different", she mentions in a video done a month later on her lip fillers.

In June 2018 Sanjati underwent breast augmentation surgery.


  • Sanjati's subscribers are collectively known as the Bread Squad due to Sanjati's love of bread.
  • Sanjati opens her videos by saying "Hello, Little Buns! Welcome back to my home!"
  • She has matching "mom" and "nona" bread tattoos with her mom, along with various other tattoos on herself, most of which on her right arm.
  • She also had and overcame bulimia, an eating disorder in the form of laxative abuse. She has a video explaining details her thoughts looking back on it on her channel.
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