Steve Terreberry has more than One Million Subscribers
Steve Terreberry is a Musician
Steve Terreberry is from Canada
Steve Terreberry is male
Steve Terreberry created their account in 2008
Steve Terreberry is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Steven Roger Terreberry (born: September 30, 1987 (1987-09-30) [age 33]), known as Stevie T is a Canadian YouTuber and musician. He started his channel uploading solo covers of other songs. Some of his most viewed videos include him looking for hidden messages in backwards songs. He is known for filtering movies too.

He's best known for his guitar playing, funny faces, noises, and upbeat personality, He also likes kicking water bottles. Recently, he has been putting out well edited content that is also supposed to be taken more lightly. Steve has also been offered a opportunity to go on tour with DragonForce, but because of his anxiety, he had to decline the offer. He is known for his jokes about rapper Lil Wayne and Djent.

He recently got his own house, as stated in the video "Stevie T Bought A House!".[1]

YouTube Hacking

On May 7, 2021, his channel was hacked and a livestream pretending to be a Bitcoin advertising news company. After an 2 hours of the fake Bitcoin scam livestream, his channel got deleted by YouTube for scamming.[2] The same thing has happened has happened to fellow music related YouTuber Composerily on April 25, but the situation got reverted fairly quickly.

He manifested[3] about the situation on his newly created Twitter account and he waited for the channel to get reinstated (got reinstated on May 8th) and the videos to be unprivated by YouTube.[4]

Channel Reinstated

On May 10th, his channel got completely reinstated with the videos unprivated[5], and he made a short video about the situation in the newly reinstated channel.[6] The video talked about how he got hacked and that he knew about the situation because his phone was blowing up (having a lot of notifications) and that he didn't act quicker because he didn't knew what to do.


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