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Steven He creates comedy videos
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Steven He is a Reactor
Steven He is from China
Steven He is from Ireland
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Steven He created their account in 2019
Steven He is a Content Creator on YouTube


―Steven He

Steven He O'Byrne (born: 1996 [age 25–26])[1] is a Chinese-Irish actor, comedian, TikToker, and YouTuber based in the United States who makes comedic sketches. He is most well known for his "Asian Dad" character on TikTok and YouTube.


Steven mainly uploads sketches on both his YouTube and TikTok. Most of his videos revolve around jokes about Asians, mostly Asian parents and families. He also uploads reaction videos about memes and his subreddit on his channel.

His Vimeo seems to be used for a portfolio as it sticks to his professional acting. His acting degree is often used as the subject of jokes in his videos.

Appearing Characters

Steven He's comedic videos have several characters, all of whom are acted by himself.


Steven is one of the protagonists that appear in videos. He is an Asian boy who runs a YouTube channel, which features his father. He is also allergic to peanuts. He usually appears in videos wearing a blue T-shirt with sushi cat illustration. He is also able to play the piano after touching one key and cook minute rice in 58 seconds, which surprises Timmy's Father.

Steven's Father

Steven's father is another protagonist. He is an Asian dad who appears in most of Steven's YouTube videos with a heavy Asian accent. He sees his son as a "failure" and attempts to encourage him to become a lawyer or a doctor. He is the founder of a fictional brand "Beijing Corn" and a professional Asian dad who specializes in failure management. He often tells how he went to school when he was young in videos, where he claims to have been through quite an adventure including having to walk 20 miles there. Additionally, he seems to be secretly attracted to Timmy's mother. He loves to call his son a failure and that he is "stoopid". He can be seen wearing a gray suit jacket and a salmon T-shirt. In "How Asian Parents Flex 2", he has asked Steven to play the piano, ride a horse, fly, use shadow clone jutsu and cook Minute Rice in 58 seconds.

Steven's Mother

Steven's mother occasionally appears on videos. She often throws shoes at her husband or at her son as a punishment. She can be seen wearing a T-shirt over her head with generic shirts.


Timmy is Steven's friend who recently moved into his neighborhood. According to his father, he is a neurosurgeon who is 9 years old with 15 years of work experience (according to Steven's Dad). Additionally, he is able to play every musical instrument and co-founded another fictional corn company named "Shanghai Corn", however he is unable to cook rice and deemed a "failure" by his dad. He sometimes appears in videos, and can be seen with glasses and a black T-shirt. He is also able to dance, which impresses Steven's Father.

Timmy's Father

Timmy's father is the founder of Shanghai Corn and a Data Scientist with 3 PhDs from Harvard University who recently moved into the United States from China for his son's job. He used to live in upper part of Shenzhen before moving. He claims to have invented parallel parking and have helped NASA land a paper clip on the sun, which Steven's father thinks is useless. He can be seen in videos wearing glasses and a black jacket.

Other Characters

Other characters are featured in He's videos, often exclusively for one video or series. Such examples include the President (Steven's father dressed in sunglasses and a poorly knotted tie), Steven's friend at lunch and the other boy they criticize (both from the "How Asians Pack Lunch" series), and the various video game characters from the "Asian difficulty" series.

Outside of YouTube

Steven is a professionally trained actor. He is known for being in Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens, A Father's Son, and Dinosaur World.

Personal Life

Steven was born in Shenzhen, China in 1996. At a young age, he had relocated to New York City and had spend most of his childhood there. He had graduated from the Neighbourhood Playhouse, an acting school in New York City, New York as well as a BA in Acting and Global Theatre from Regent's University in London, England.


Steven's Dad

  • When I went to school, I had to walk 20 miles. Uphill. Both ways. 26 hours a day. On one foot. My other foot was starting a business. (there are various versions of this quote that are slightly different, but this is essentially the original)
  • Every morning I had to fight two lions.
  • EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!? (he only pronounce it right in When Asian is a Difficulty Mode 3)
  • Hallo? Hallo? Beijing Embassy! My son's a failure! (variation where he says "We need air support! I failed my family.)
  • What the hail...
  • Hallo, I am a professional Asian dad specializing in Failure Management.
  • You will be a doctor.
  • Beijing Corn.
  • I will send you to Jesus.
  • Don't be a dick!
  • Can I have a discount?
  • Stoopid.
  • Want to know what B stand for, B stand for Stoopid!
  • Sitting Wasn't invented yet.
  • Oh I smell Bitch in here.
  • I'll whoop yo ass into Monday
  • Your Spanish teacher said you excel with 90% in Spanish. I don't know what excel means, but it must mean STOOPID!
  • Failure! (pronounced "Fay-lia", due to his Asian accent)
  • We're Asians, not Bsians!
  • Your teacher call, said you excel in math with 99%. I don't have a dictionary but excel must mean Stoopid! Where the hell the other 1%? Why, you eat it?
  • Steven! Cook minute rice in 58 seconds!

Subscriber Milestones

Note: The following dates are according to Social Blade. Dates may vary by one or two days due to differences in time zones.

  • 1 million subscribers: August 22, 2021
  • 2 million subscribers: December 29, 2021
  • 3 million subscribers: January 24, 2022[2]
  • 4 million subscribers: February 24, 2022
  • 5 million subscribers: May 16, 2022