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Drake Cristopher Henning better known online as Stopher Drake (formerly CatchingYourClouds), was an American vlogger and musician. He is most popular for his music that he uploads to the CatchingYourClouds YouTube channel as well as the series TD&S, covers and vlogs.

He also runs the "underground cat rodeo".


  • "Rawr with me -EP" (2011) - Dear Pacific, What the..., Lawl, SWan Girl, MeTrix, She's The Sky
  • "Black&&White -single"
  • "My Storybook -EP" (2012) - Flave? Get Real, Careless Relation, Simply Perfect, Thorns And Roses, Your Very Own Trend, Stay Put
  • "Traverse -EP"  (2013) - Stepping Stones, Keeping Your Cool, Lights And Raindrops, Midnight Sky, Karma
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