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Storybooth are a group[1] of Americans who create animations about children stories. As of July 2020, they have amassed over 4.5 million subscribers and 1.6 billion total video views.


The Storybooth group have produced fun, animated videos for kids since April, 2015. Their first upload was titled First Kiss and has a total of over 6 million views, 56K likes and 8.5K comments.


Storybooth was started by a group. On May 6, 2015, storybooth made their second upload titled I Wish I Was Invisible. Sometime before storybooth's first upload they made the Storybooth official site due to the link to the site being in the description of the storybooth's first upload. is a website created by storybooth. The website contains all the latest and oldest animations by storybooth. Storybooth makes videos for all genres including love, heartbreak, sexuality, etc.

Serious Issues Videos

Some of storybooth's videos deal with serious issues including:

  • My Life with Cerebral Palsy
    • A girl named Mandy has Cerebral Palsy and tells the story with the help of her mom.
  • Hate, Bigotry, Ignorance, and Bullying
    • A girl gets bullied due to religion.
  • I Never Felt Skinny Enough
    • A girl has felt fat and starts an eating disorder
  • No Pads – My Embarrassing Period Story
    • A girl doesn't wear pads during her period and tries to hide the blood.
  • Bad First Boyfriend
    • A girl loves her boyfriend but he starts to bully her by giving her no freedom
  • I Started Smoking Cigarettes
    • A girl starts smoking cigarettes and gets too attached.
  • My Pet Hamster Died
    • The main character's pet hamster dies.
  • I Am Transgender
    • A girl mainly likes stuff geared towards boys. Later he finds he is transgender and tells his friends/family nervously.
  • My Mom Got Arrested
    • A boy's mom gets arrested by the police leaving her son in tears.
  • Living with Diabetes
    • A girl loved sweet and sugary foods and fast foods and junk food. She wouldn't give them up and got diabetes.
  • Me vs Cancer
    • The main character gets cancer.
  • When My Dad Died
    • A boy's dad dies.
  • I Am NOT A Terrorist!
    • An Islamic girl gets called a terrorist at school
  • Mean Mom
    • A girl has a super nice dad but super mean mom.
  • A Friend’s Suicide
    • A girl's best friend from Kindergarten commits suicide.
  • Being Bisexual
    • A girl loves boys and girls.
  • Abuse Story
    • A girl gets sexually abused by the babysitter.
  • Embarrassing Period Story
    • A girl has to sit next to her ex during a plane ride but it gets embarrassing when the boy looks through her bag and finds her pads he says "You're on your period?" out loud so everyone could hear and everyone teases her.
  • The Racist Bully
    • A bully is racist to a poor student at school.
  • Losing Leo
    • A boy's dog dies.
  • Bullied
    • An Asian boy goes to a Japanese school in Japan and gets bullied by another girl who called him a "Skinny Foreigner" in Japanese.
  • Gun Scare At School
    • A boy asks about bringing guns and pretends he was going to shoot his teacher.


  • Not only do they produce animations to stories by kids but Storybooth also does videos made by older people and YouTubers.
  • Daphne is a female character with blonde hair and braces. According to a small legend by Storybooth, if you see Daphne in one of their videos then it gives you good luck.
  • The channel has spawned in many copies from other people and companies, such as ACTUALLY HAPPENED, My Story Animated, Share My Story, and MinuteVideos (Unlike storybooth, they produce fake stories).


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