Storybooth has more than One Million Subscribers
Storybooth has more than One Billion Views
Storybooth is an Animator
Storybooth is from the United States
Storybooth created their account in 2015
Storybooth is a Content Creator on YouTube

Storybooth is an American YouTube channel that create animations about user submitted stories, usually from teens.


Storybooth is an online network that invites teens to record and submit their stories with a chance to have them animated. Stories they select are animated and than published to either their website or channel. Storybooth makes videos for various topics such as love, heartbreak, sexuality, or just random funny moments.

Youtube Career

The Storybooth YouTube channel was created On April 2, 2015. Sometime before storybooth's channel creation they made the Storybooth official site. As of January 2021 the Storybooth channel has amassed over 4.5 million subscribers, with many of their videos gaining millions of views.. The channels success has spawned various copycats such as ACTUALLY HAPPENED, My Story Animated, Share My Story, and MinuteVideos.

The main difference between the copycats and Storybooth is that Storybooth's stories are either real or at least realistic, while the copycats often have fake, stolen, and exaggerated stories. The most well known copycat was ACTUALLY HAPPENED, who's content got exposed multiple times by Jarvis Johnson. Johnson has also exposed My Story Animated and has made fun of many other copycat animated storytime channels.

The channel has been inactive since December 31, 2020 because of Adobe Flash Player on January 12, 2021 they shut down are channel so you can't watch.


  • In the background of almost all of their videos there is a recurring character named Daphne. She has blonde hair and braces. Storybooth has joked that if you see Daphne in one of their videos then it gives you good luck.


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