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Studio C is a comedy group, doing sketches for seven seasons. Their group includes Matt, Mal, Jeremy, Jason, Whitney, Stacey, Adam, James, Stephen and Natalie

Info and History

They funny group Studio C started out on a page called 'Divine Comedy" but soon became bigger, and were invited to film at BYUTV. At first Matt, Mal, Jason and Whitney were the only full time workers at Studio C.  Soon, at around season 4, the others decided they would become full time members, instead of there previous part time postions.  I have to say not all sketches that they create are equal.  The Power of fortune cookies is funny. The tongue twister series, altough funny at first, soon becomes a waste of time.  The truth is they all work very hard and they diserve more subscribers.  I really love Studio C and their crew, I also like that they still fill their duty and work part time on the studio they started with, "Divine Comedy"  

most of there content is designed for kids and teenagers.  But it is still entertaining in college years.  They record at a college.  It is amazing that they can do all of these funny videos in 2 days! 

Pictures of the Cast

  • Adam
  • James
  • Jason
  • Jeremy
  • Mal
  • Matt
  • Natalie
  • Stacey
  • Stephen
  • Whitney
 The names are listed in alphabetical order!


Alien Internet Invasion

Alien Internet Invasion

This is one of their recent videos!

 This is a video they made not too long ago, they have 700+ videos just as funny as this!  
The Top Parodies of Studio C

The Top Parodies of Studio C

This video is one of there compilation videos, they count down the best of: Christmas, Halloween, Sports etc.


500k subscribers March 10th 2016 

1 million subscribers December 2nd 2016

2 million subscribers October 4, 2018

11th member 

They are considering adding a new member to the cast for season 8.  Her name is Tori Pence.  She is not the only one who might make an appearence Dalton Johnson and Aaron Fielding are also considering joining the crew.  Here are there pictures.  More info will be availible soon! 

  • Aaron
  • Dalton
  • Tori

Scott Sterling 

Studio C is responsible for the funny series Scott Sterling. A video where a soccer player gets hit in the face with the ball over and oveer again!  This is there most popular video get over 50 million views!   

Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling (Original)

Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling (Original)