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A Subscription is a feature whereby one receives the latest additions to a YouTube user's videos, a YouTube tag, a YouTube search term or a YouTube playlist. There are two types of subscribing to channels and topics: choosing a channel and clicking the "Subscribe" button on the user's channel page or choosing a video and clicking the Subscribe button below that user's video.

The Subscribe Button is a button for choosing types of subscriptions. The "Subscribe" Button has gotten over 35 changes. It was added in October 2005. A user cannot view another user's subscriptions, as those are kept private, unless the other user sets their subscriptions to public.

YouTube Subscribe Button[]

Current Subscribe Button Features[]

  • If a user clicks on the "Subscribe" button, the word "Subscribe" would change to "Subscribed".
  • By clicking the "Subscribe" button, users are able to subscribe to another user's whole channel, get notified about a subscribed channel's latest videos, latest playlists, latest community posts, latest shorts and latest livestreams. Users will get a maximum of three new video notifications from every subscribed channel in a 24-hour period.
  • If a user is subscribed to a channel, next to the word "Subscribed" on the button, there will be a bell icon which if clicked, there will show four options: "All", "Personalized", "None", and "Unsubscribe".
    • Choosing the "All" subscription option would give the user notifications of every video, playlists, community posts and livestreams from that subscribed channel. There would be two curved lines: one above the top left and the other at the top right of the bell icon. The icon would also be filled in with color.
    • Choosing the "Personalized" subscription option would give the user notifications from that subscribed channel, but only for the videos which are recommended by the YouTube Algorithm, based on your Watch History, Search History and other factors. The bell icon would have no curved lines and it would not be filled in with color. This subscription option is the default option chosen when the user subscribes to a channel.
    • Choosing the "None" subscription option would give the user no notifications from that channel, but it'll still be subscribed to that user's channel. The bell icon, instead of having curved lines, would have a diagonal line across it and it also would not be filled in with color.
    • (This Option is not a Subscription Type) Choosing the "Unsubscribe" option would prompt the user by asking “Unsubscribe from (channel name)?” There will be two options, "YES" or "NO". If the user clicked on the "Yes" option, the subscription would cancel it with that channel. By clicking the "No" Option, nothing will change, and the user will still be subscribed to that channel. The Unsubscribe option instead of having a Notification Bell icon has a small circle at the top Centre and a big semi-circle at the center bottom with the curved side facing upwards. These circles form a body with only a torso and a head. There is also a - (Minus) icon next to the head icon.

Removed Subscribe Button Features[]

  • A user could subscribe to another user’s videos instead of the channel. (Feature lasted only in 2005).
  • A checkmark icon was situated at the left of the subscribe button. (Feature lasted only in 2006).
  • The text ‘Subscribe’ would be in all capital letters and written as ‘SUBSCRIBE’. (Feature lasted only in 2006).
  • If the user hadn't signed-up or signed-in to the YouTube Website. Then a drop-down arrow would be seen in the subscribe button. Which if clicked would prompt the user to "Sign-In or Sign-Up Now!”. (Feature lasted only in 2011).
  • The Subscribe Button when hovered over with a cursor would be highlighted and say, "Click to be notified of new videos from this channel" (Feature lasted only in 2011).
  • The color of the subscribe button when hovered over with a cursor changed to light green (Feature lasted only in 2012)
  • A red YouTube play button icon was situated at the left of the Subscribe Button. (Feature lasted Between 2013 - 2017)
  • A subscriber count (which was separated from the Subscribe Button) would be seen attached next to it. The subscriber count feature was shifted from next to the subscribe button to under the user's channel name. (Feature lasted only in 2015)

Looks of the Subscribe Button[]

  • YouTube added a white Subscribe Button, which instead of the text just being 'Subscribe', It said "Subscribe to (channel name) s Videos". (Change only lasted in 2005).
  • YouTube changed the text to "✓ SUBSCRIBE to (channel name)" the word '✓ SUBSCRIBE' was put in a bright orange subscribe button and was separated from 'to (channel name). The text to (channel name) was situated below the subscribe button. Also, the text 'Subscribe' was changed to be in all capital letters. (Change only lasted in 2006).
  • The font was changed, but the color remained the same. The color of the text 'Subscribes' when hovered over with cursor changed to Black. The separated text to (channel name) was removed. Also, the text 'Subscribe' was changed to be in all small letters, except the 'S' at the start. (Change only lasted in 2007).
  • YouTube again changed the color of the subscribe Button to light yellow. And it remained that way till 2010. Also, the color of the text 'Subscribe' was changed from white to brown. (Change lasted between 2008-2011).
  • The subscribe button's color was a bit lighter, but the color was still light yellow. Also, the color of the text 'Subscribe' was changed again, but from brown to black. (Change lasted between 2011-2012)
  • YouTube again changed the color of the subscribe button to white. The color of the subscribe button when hovered over with a Cursor changed to light green. Also, the color of the Text 'Subscribe' was changed again, but from black to light gray. (Change lasted between 2012-2013)
  • YouTube again changed the color of the subscribe button to White. Also, the color of the text 'Subscribe' was changed again, but from light gray to black. (Change lasted between 2013-2014)
  • YouTube again changed the color of the subscribe button to red. Also, the color of the text 'Subscribe' was changed again, but from light gray to white. (Change lasted between 2014-2015)
  • The subscribe button's color was changed to be a bit lighter red. (Change lasted between 2015-2018)
  • The subscribe button's color was changed to be a bit darker red. Also, the text subscribe was changed to be in all capital letters. (Change lasted between 2018-2022)
  • YouTube again changed the color of the subscribe button to black in the light theme, and white in the dark theme and the shape of the subscribe button was change to an Rounded Recatngle. Also, the text subscribe was changed to small letters, except the 'S' at the start. (Change lasted between 2022-Present)


The above is separate from subscribing to an RSS feed which syndicates YouTube videos to applications and websites outside the site. One can syndicate user playlist subscriptions as an RSS feed, however.

Channels and topics by subscription[]

Main article: List of most-subscribed YouTube channels by month

The following is a chart featuring a list of the 250 most subscribed YouTube channels and topics (Updated as of July 12, 2024). This list will not include any terminated or deleted channels, or channels with their subscriber count hidden. However, channels that have seen the recent purge in subscribers (Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, etc.) will be included in this list because it is the subscriber count shown on YouTube. Even VEVO channels, which have been blocked from gaining subscribers, will be included in the list as well. ( or channels with hidden subscriber count

On September 17, 2019, YouTube changed its API so that viewers can only see abbreviated subscriber counts. only three significant figures can be seen, and the number is rounded down (Ex: 24,186,079 to 24.1M). The list will now only show abbreviated subscriber counts.

Rank Channel Name Subscribers
1 MrBeast 300M
2 T-Series 269M
3 YouTube Movies 182M
4 Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes 178M
5 SET India 174M
6 ✿ Kids Diana Show 123M
7 Music 121M
8 Vlad and Niki 121M
9 Like Nastya 117M
10 PewDiePie 111M
11 Zee Music Company 108M
12 WWE 103M
13 Goldmines 98.1M
15 Sony SAB 93.7M
16 Gaming 93.2M
17 ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs 91.8M
18 Zee TV 81.8M
19 5-Minute Crafts 80.7M
21 Baby Shark - Pinkfong Kids' Songs & Stories 76M
22 Stokes Twins 75.7M
24 Sports 74.8M
25 Colors TV 74.1M
26 Justin Bieber 73.2M
27 Shemaroo Filmi Gaane 68.8M
28 T-Series Bhakti Sagar 68.3M
29 Canal KondZilla 67.2M
30 Tips Official 67M
31 Aaj Tak 65.9M
32 El Reino Infantil 64.9M
33 Infobells - Hindi 63M
34 Wave Music 62.3M
35 Movieclips 61.7M
36 Sony Music India 61M
37 EminemMusic 60.9M
38 A4 60.7M
40 YRF 60.6M
41 Dude Perfect 60.3M
42 Taylor Swift 59.5M
43 Toys and Colors 58.5M
44 LooLoo Kids - Nursery Rhymes and Children's Songs 57.2M
45 Marshmello 57.2M
46 BillionSurpriseToys - English Kids Songs & Cartoon 57M
48 PANDA BOI 55.4M
49 Ed Sheeran 54.8M
50 ARY Digital HD 54.6M
51 Ariana Grande 54.4M
52 Mark Rober 54.3M
53 Shemaroo 54M
54 Fede Vigevani 53.1M
55 Billie Eilish 52.2M
56 KL BRO Biju Rithvik 52.2M
57 Get Movies 51.5M
58 SonyMusicIndiaVEVO 51M
59 Mikecrack 50.9M
60 JuegaGerman 50.6M
62 Jess No Limit 50.4M
63 आचार्य प्रशान्त - Acharya Prashant 50.2M
64 Маша и Медведь 48.8M
65 Alan Chikin Chow 48.8M
66 ABS-CBN Entertainment 48.6M
67 Masha and The Bear 48.5M
69 Bad Bunny 48M
70 Voot Kids 47.6M
71 Fernanfloo 47.6M
72 Badabun 47.5M
73 Ricis Official 46.6M
74 Felipe Neto 46.4M
75 Shakira 46.3M
76 Alan Walker 45.6M
77 Ishtar Music 45.6M
78 Você Sabia? 45.6M
79 Kimberly Loaiza 45.2M
80 Katy Perry 45.1M
81 shfa2 - شفا 44.9M
82 StarPlus 44.7M
83 whinderssonnunes 44.7M
86 MrBeast Gaming 44.5M
87 Speed Records 44.3M
88 ABP NEWS 44.2M
89 MrBeast 2 43.9M
90 HolaSoyGerman. 43.9M
91 shfa 43.7M
92 Like Nastya Show 43.4M
93 Sony PAL 43.4M
94 Rihanna 43.3M
95 Alejo Igoa 43.3M
96 Maria Clara & JP 43.3M
97 김프로KIMPRO 43.3M
98 Real fools shorts official 43.1M
99 Luisito Comunica 42.9M
100 Dushyant kukreja 42.8M
101 DaFuq!?Boom! 42.7M
102 Goldmines Gaane Sune Ansune 42.6M
103 Total Gaming 42.5M
104 CarryMinati 42.3M
105 IndiaTV 42.1M
106 Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs 42.1M
107 Saregama Music 42.1M
108 PowerKids TV 41.4M
109 Genevieve's Playhouse - Learning Videos for Kids 41.3M
110 TheDonato 41.2M
111 Techno Gamerz 41.2M
112 T-Series Bollywood Classics 41.2M
113 WorkpointOfficial 41.1M
114 Shorts Break 41.1M
115 TEDx Talks 41.1M
116 Little Baby Bum - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs 41M
118 GR6 EXPLODE 40.9M
119 YouTube 40.8M
120 Vlad và Niki 40.6M
121 ช่อง one31 40.6M
123 Like Nastya ESP 40.5M
124 AboFlah 40.5M
125 Ultra Bollywood 40.4M
126 elrubiusOMG 40.3M
127 La Granja de Zenón 40.3M
128 HUM TV 40.2M
129 Jingle Toons 39.7M
130 Alfredo Larin 39.4M
131 Daddy Yankee 39.1M
132 Frost Diamond 39M
133 Akshay Nagwadiya 38.9M
134 LankyBox 38.6M
135 One Direction 38.6M
136 TheEllenShow 38.2M
137 Bruno Mars 38.1M
138 Jkk Entertainment 38M
139 Gulshan Kalra 37.5M
140 Ryan's World 37.3M
141 BabyBus - Kids Songs and Cartoons 37.3M
142 Maroon 5 37M
143 Ozuna 36.9M
144 WowKidz 36.9M
145 Zhong 36.9M
146 T-Series Apna Punjab 36.8M
147 Enaldinho 36.8M
148 Markiplier 36.8M
149 KAROL G 36.7M
150 Junya Official Channel 36.7M
151 Heroindori 36.5M
152 Zee News 36.5M
153 Rajshri 36.5M
154 Topper Guild 36.3M
155 Anaya Kandhal 36.3M
156 Galinha Pintadinha 36.1M
157 LeoNata Family 36.1M
158 Priyal Kukreja 36.1M
159 News 36.1M
160 CVS 3D Rhymes & Kids Songs 36M
161 Zach King 36M
162 Diana and Roma ESP 35.9M
163 Peppa Pig - Official Channel 35.8M
164 GMA Network 35.8M
165 Lucas and Marcus 35.7M
166 Juan De Dios Pantoja 35.6M
167 ★ Kids Roma Show 35.5M
168 Spider Slack 35.5M
169 Geet MP3 35.4M
170 The Weeknd 35.3M
171 Ch3Thailand 35.1M
172 Worldwide Records Bhojpuri 35M
173 DisneyMusicVEVO 35M
174 Dangal TV Channel 34.9M
175 Jason Derulo 34.7M
176 ISSEI / いっせい 34.7M
177 Selena Gomez 34.7M
178 tuzelity SHUFFLE 34.6M
179 SSSniperWolf 34.5M
180 J Balvin 34.4M
181 Masha y el Oso 34.3M
182 Beast Reacts 34.2M
183 VEGETTA777 34.1M
184 Eros Now Music 34.1M
185 unknown boy varun 34M
186 Marta and Rustam 33.9M
187 Desi Music Factory 33.9M
189 mujjuu___14 33.8M
190 Round2hell 33.8M
191 NoCopyrightSounds 33.7M
192 Celine Dept 33.6M
193 rezendeevil 33.6M
194 Mr Bean 33.4M
195 Hamster Kombat 33.3M
196 Aditya Movies 33.2M
197 व्लाद और निकिता 33.1M
198 Pokémon Asia Official (Hindi) 33.1M
199 DONA 도나 32.9M
200 Shemaroo Movies 32.9M
201 Willie Salim 32.9M
202 Ian Lucas 32.8M
203 SMTOWN 32.6M
204 MaviGadget 32.6M
205 Aditya Music 32.5M
206 Karla Bustillos 32.4M
207 That Little Puff 32.2M
208 Little Angel: Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs 32.1M
209 infobells - Telugu 32.1M
210 Brent Rivera 32M
211 Sagawa /さがわ 32M
212 GENIAL 31.9M
213 Dream 31.9M
214 infobells - Tamil 31.9M
215 Tilak 31.9M
216 Goldmines Dishoom 31.9M
217 Talking Tom 31.8M
218 Luis Fonsi 31.8M
219 ImagineDragons 31.8M
220 NichLmao 31.8M
221 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 31.7M
222 قناة طيور الجنة | toyoraljanahtv 31.6M
223 BeatboxJCOP 31.6M
224 AH 31.5M
225 Ishaan Ali 11 31.5M
226 Adele 31.4M
227 JustinBieberVEVO 31.4M
228 Spinnin' Records 31.2M
229 Indosiar 31.2M
230 Goldmines Bollywood 31M
231 Chotanawab 31M
232 Daniel LaBelle 31M
233 Tsuriki Show 30.8M
234 Boram Tube Vlog [보람튜브 브이로그] 30.7M
235 Ultra Records 30.7M
236 jacksepticeye 30.7M
237 Crazy XYZ 30.7M
238 Michael Jackson 30.6M
239 D Billions 30.5M
240 Azhan5star 30.5M
241 ashish chanchlani vines 30.4M
242 Nick Jr. 30.4M
243 Trap Nation 30.3M
244 The Lallantop 30.2M
245 Shawn Mendes 30.2M
246 Mr DegrEE 30.2M
247 Drake 30M
248 Maluma 30M
249 Yoeslan 29.9M
250 Kids TV - Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs 29.9M

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