On February 8, 2017, a huge glitch was exposed related to subscriber counts, this affected every YouTube channel during the time.

Finding the Glitch

During the time while Tana Mongeau was being affected by IDubbbz's Content Cop, a small channel by the name of BlackScreenTV lost 22,000 subscribers while livestreaming their live subscriber counts. After realizing this, he tried to find out what was happening, then BSTV found out that if one person was to unsubscribe from a channel, instead of losing the normal 1 subscribers, you'd lose 2 subscribers.

Hardest Affected Channels

  • Tana Mongeau lost 1,600,000, Her channel was at 2.4 million then went down to 831,000 at lowest.
  • PewDiePie lost 618,000, His channel was at 53 million and went down to 52.4 million at lowest.
  • DramaAlert lost 400,000, His channel was at 1.7 million and went down to 1.3 million at lowest.
  • LeafyIsHere lost 238,000, His channel was at 4.5 million and went down to 4.2 million at lowest.
  • h3h3Productions lost 140,000, His channel was at 3.2 million and went down to 3M at lowest.
  • REVERSAL lost 87,000, His channel was at 250,000 and went down to 163,000 at lowest.
  • BuzzFeedVideo lost 83,000, Their channel was at 11.7 million and went down to 11.6 million at lowest.
  • BlackScreenTV lost 31,000, His channel was at 30,100 and went down to -1,555 at lowest.

Rollback Subscriptions

  • Tana Mongeau was at 832,000 until gaining 1.6 million subscribers back, going to 2.4 million with an extra 4,100.
  • DramaAlert was at 1.3M until gaining 416,000 subscribers back, going to 1.7 million with an extra 1,300.
  • PewDiePie was at 52.7M until gaining 311,000 subscribers back, going to 53 million with an extra 11,000.
  • BlackScreenTV was at -1,555 subscribers until gaining 104,000 subscribers back, going to 106,100 with an extra 76,000.


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