Subsonic Sparkle focuses on Anime
Subsonic Sparkle plays video games
Subsonic Sparkle is a Reviewer
Subsonic Sparkle is from England
Subsonic Sparkle is male
Subsonic Sparkle created their account in 2012
Subsonic Sparkle is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Subsonic Sparkle is a English YouTuber who makes analysis videos in which the topic mostly relates to either video games or a certain type of anime series. His channel is also home to The Filler Podcast. He's probably best known for appearing on an episode of Mother's Basement's podcast the Weebcast in 2017 where he, Digibro, Goeff, and several others discussed Digibro's video shit talking other anime YouTubers. Subsonic Sparkle hasn't made a video since July 9, 2018.

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