SullyPwnz plays video games
SullyPwnz is a Vlogger
SullyPwnz is from the United States
SullyPwnz is male
SullyPwnz created their account in 2011
SullyPwnz is a Content Creator on YouTube

SullyPwnz (born: July 29, 1993 (1993-07-29) [age 27]), is an American YouTuber who creates Let's Play videos on Nintendo games.

Sullypwnz' Minecraft Server

CrafterzPwn! was a Minecraft server owned by SullyPwnz and Aaronitmar. SullyPwnz and Aaronitmar are two YouTubers who made the server so they could play factions with their own rules but they never made any videos and only did one live stream. The livestream consists of them editing spawn and getting a bunch of players killed from placing lava outside the edge of spawn. The live stream was not saved so it is now lost. The server did also lose a lot of players. SullyPwnz left the server forever and Aaronitmar left for a while as well. JojoCrafty was a Minecraft user like everyone else but since he raided everyone people got mad and raided him back. However, he built a new base when they did but somehow JojoCrafty managed fool notable players such as Reid505, ChiseledCreeper and Angel212. JojoCrafty outsmarted them a lot, for example, using a texture bug to make money by selling Minecraft mushroom blocks as spawners. There is a bug that was not patched until a later update that still existed in the Minecraft server version that CrafterPwn! used that caused them to both be textureless. JoJoCrafty also got banned a few times for destroying The End with a Cobble Monster and then Aaronitmar started Bullying JojoCrafty for what he did.

Mario Kart Mondays

On August 13, 2012 Sully Started "Mario Kart Mondays" where Sully Plays Some Online Mario Kart 7

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