SumitoMedia is a Reviewer
SumitoMedia is from the United States
SumitoMedia is male
SumitoMedia created their account in 2008
SumitoMedia is a Content Creator on YouTube

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SumitoMedia is a media brand principally focused on publishing videos via internet distribution platforms. It is based in the United States. The star and creator of all the content are all American, and all Man.


SumitoMedia has published 160 YouTube videos on the main YouTube channel, as of October 2019. This does not include unpublished works, crossovers, anomalies, throw-downs, battle-raps, tournaments, arrests, arrest tournaments, violent nocturnal emissions, or any other weird sly action.

Throughout 2020, SumitoMedia has been straight killing it like he was corona

The main channel is widely considered a triumph, and some have said that it may be the only right thing that Alphabet Inc. has done since their slogan change. The main channel is quite sexual, and very active. Keen audience members were slick with anticipation, at the opening of

The SumitoMedia Museum of Meme Art [1] , and also something thick dropping all over whatever is left of you.  Others will notice how much more Sumito has started to come, and often firest a stream out several times a week, all while you stare, and Twitch just after Sumito destroyed your mother while you just watched and did nothing.

'I was destroy' - Your Mother [2]

'It shook me to my core. - God

'Sumito subverted, trangressed, and transcended all existing boundaries. right in front of us. he has dismantled the all the machinery of the past. it was even more impressive in it's non-metaphor state. In meme critique, I once saw him actually sucessfully revive a zeitgeist from 1856, and had it exist here, without destroying the current. The past, and present, without it being even slightly played out, or lame. All former memer's, and researchers believed this was totally impossible.' - Internet Historian 


  • Much Work was done together with Internet Historian [3]  
  • Has a long standing public feud with SomeOrdinaryGamers [4]  
  • Invented The Spaghetti with Miles Davis [5] 
  • Built Richard The Android Barber ​​​for dystopian musical of same name [6]


  • He has a girlfriend
  • He had covid-19
  • He was raised Muslim (it is unknown if he still practices the religion)


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