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Richie Vecsei better known online as SuperMarioRichie, is a Canadian YouTuber who makes plush videos. He mostly uses Mario plushies, specifically the Koopalings and Bowser Jr.


SuperMarioRichie started his channel in April 2014. In the beginning, he was known primarily for copying ideas and concepts from SuperMarioLogan which Richie himself was and still is a fan of. His most popular video was inspired greatly by a similar video Logan himself did in 2013 and many criticized Richie for copying Logan which he denied. Despite these claims, Richie continued to make videos and made the Koopalings the main characters of his channel.


Most of SuperMarioRichie's content consists of plush videos starring Mario characters as well as Non-Nintendo characters such as SpongeBob. He also manages several side channels including SuperLuigiRichie where Richie makes gaming videos as well as unboxing and reaction videos, SMR Stories where he tells stories that are aimed at mature audiences, and a channel named after himself called Richie Vecsei where he does challenges and other random videos.

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