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SuperNess1000, whose real name is Chris Sharick, is a fan and friend of PSIPaula4. He is popular on YouTube.


He has 106 videos. Chris' nickname is "SN1k" which is short for his username. "S" stands for "Super","N" standing for "Ness","1k" stands for "1000." Chris is working on a Let's Play (LP) of Paper Mario which is currently on hold with 13 episodes. He also has a canceled sprite movie series called Super Smash World, and has 13 episodes as well. He has a short 3 episode long series by the name of "Cooking with SuperNess1000". There is word that he is still waiting to make the 4th one, but nothing has shown up. He is currently working on a LP of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and there is word of a new LP being in the works.

Chris holds the starring role, Ninten in PSIPaula4's Mother Saga. He also had the starring role in it's sequel, Mother Saga 2 as Ness before it was canceled. Due to Chris moving and leaving PsiPaula4 with no lead actor for Ness, Mother Saga 2 was canceled.

Chris has 50,529 channel views and 646,751 total upload views.