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Super Minecraft Kid was a highly controversial YouTuber mostly known for his rants that are said to be very similar to the ones made by SammyClassicSonicFan in the past. Most people have not only claimed his rants to be like that, but even downright wrong. For example, he once did a rant on Nintendo saying that Smash Bros. ripped off Call of Duty, and that a YouTuber named I Hate Everything said that he "hated" Minecraft. Aside from rants, he also does Let's Plays of games like Minecraft, Five Night's at Freddy's, and Team Fortress 2. He joined in early 2015.

On November 11, 2015, he uploaded a video stating that his history teacher, Mr. Cleasel, saw his videos and told his parents, who then grounded him. Because he was grounded by his parents, as of April 2016 he is currently inactive with the aforementioned video as his only upload so far.

On May 28, 2016, Super Minecraft Kid had deleted his channel, the reason why he deleted it is because he was exposed for being fake, he currently has an another account.


Super Minecraft is foul-mouthed, racist, loud, hot-tempered, homophobic,sexist and very unintelligent, since he thinks that Minecraft was the first video game ever made (he also thinks it was released in the 1960's). He also thinks that Nintendo copies every game that he likes. For example, he thinks The Legend of Zelda (from 1986) is a rip-off of Minecraft (from 2009), despite the game being released 23 years prior. The reason he said LoZ ripped off MC is just because you could hold a sword.

He is also shown to have a severe prejudice against African Americans. In the majority of his videos, he says the offensive word "nigger" multiple times. He also called his African American history teacher Mr. Cleasel a "nigger".

He also has a prejudice against gay people, since he uses the word "faggot" several times. He also uses the term "gay" as an insult.


  • "People say Minecraft is gay. MINECRAFT IS GAY. MINECRAFT IS GAY!!!!! AAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!"
  • "F**K YOU N**GERS"
  • "He said that Minecraft wasn't even a f**king game! YES IT F**KING IIISSSSSS!!!!!"
  • "Quickscope! QUICKSCOPE! U WOT M8"


  • His most popular video, stop hating on minecraft, was a response video to I Hate Everything.
  • He hates Nintendo so much, as known is his video "stop hating on fnaf".
  • He is also Xbox and Playstation fanboy.
  • From the description of his last video, his name is Michael. 
  • Super Minecraft Kid is a troll account. The account is run by someone named "FlourTownBrown."
  • He hates any games he hasn't even played yet.
  • He was revealed to be eleven years old in his "haters react" video.
  • He is quite similar to Minecraft Awesome Parodys.