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Super Simple Songs is a YouTube channel owned by Skyship Entertainment which is based in Toronto and produces digital content for preschoolers.

The company produces content (primarily for YouTube), handles its own financing and self-distributes. Skyship began by creating music videos for traditional and original songs, then moved on to nursery rhymes. In 2015, it began developing more narrative-driven content and, in 2016, launched seven series on YouTube channel Super Simple TV. Now it’s producing content in Spanish and Japanese, as the company’s main audience are English As a Second Language (ESL) learners around the globe.


Devon Thagard and Troy McDonald started the company about 10 years ago while teaching English in Japan. They found it was hard to find classroom material that resonated with their students because the English songs were too complicated. Out of necessity, the duo began writing its own songs. When YouTube came about, a member of the group suggested they upload their songs to this new platform in order to share their content with other teachers.

Fortier and her partner, Brett Jubinville, connected with the team to add animation to the songs and, shortly thereafter, Skyship Entertainment was born. From there, the company expanded its content to more narrative-focused videos that it felt would resonate with preschoolers.  

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