Swastikam is a Commentator
Swastikam is a Reactor
Swastikam is an Animator
Swastikam plays video games
Swastikam is from India
Swastikam is female
Swastikam created their account in 2017
Swastikam is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Swastikam is an Indian animator and storyteller who makes videos based on her real-life experiences.


Along with real life experiences, she also makes videos which are based on the reality of today's world. She has collaborated on a video "Toxic Friends" on KirtiChow's channel and KirtiChow in turn, has collaborated on one of her videos "Mumbai Local Trains". While Swastikam played a significant role in KirtiChow's video, KirtiChow has only played the role of a usual train-traveller which is not so significant.

Viewers have often commented on how ridiculous the character of Swastikam looks- an egg like structure with short legs and some hair on the head, and it has hands without fingers. But Swastikam has proved it to be her creativity.

She also plays Minecraft with KirtiChow and Finestly on Kirti's gaming channel "ChowMeow". Thus, she is also a gaming YouTuber. She has a second channel named Swastijyada which has only about 900 subscribers and according to her descriptions, she posts "whatever she wants in this channel". It also features a video of her Diwali Celebration with LickWeed, Siddhant4210, Fingerdips, PersonaErrante and few other friends in Minecraft.

She has her own Minecraft server named "Swastiland".

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